Week Five

Giulia and myself

Lionel and Asami

It's week five of The Limelight Hour and I must say, today has been the most stress free session at the SYN studio. We really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. if you missed the live show, you can check it out the podcast on thelimelighthour.blogspot.com

Don't forget that Broken Scar is playing on June 11 at The Curtin with Nobody and The Vulpine. It's a gig you don't want to miss. See you there!

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Five Hundred Women

So, I was mixing at a women's conference earlier tonight and there was approximately five hundred women attending the conference. I must say, I feel rather privileged to have been a part of it. The vibe in there was awesome. The speaker said it felt like there was a thousand people in there. The band was a rather small one with just drums, bass, one electric guitar, one acoustic guitar, keys, a lead singer and five backup singers. Perfect! I love the whole "less is more" approach.

On another random note, I've been hooked to this brain training game on the Nintendo DS. I've been feeling that I haven't been using much of my brain lately so I though that the game might help. Well, even if it doesn't, it's still pretty entertaining.

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Crimson Papadams

Ever eaten grapes that taste like it was coated with rubber? Easy. Here's the recipe to create the disaster of a taste that erupted in my mouth.

Eat a piece papadam (Indian crackers) then pop a grape in your mouth.

Papadam on it's own is superb. Put it together with Briyani Rice and curries and it's fantastic. Crimson Seedless Grapes on their own, ah, paradise.
I can't believe how two very nice tasting food can end up tasting so bad when put together in this combination. This was definitely one heck of a food adventure that I had last night. It's one of those random things in life, y'know?

You know how some bottle caps have random facts? Maybe this could be one.

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Blast From The Past

Around this time two years ago, I received an email from Kok Meng, a friend I've known since kindergarten. The email subject read, "Blast From The Past" and attached is a photo with the file name, "OldSkool2.jpg" and all Meng said was, "Dudes, looky what I got".

I clicked it and this is what I saw! Our kindergarten class photo! Haha! Meng had posted this on Facebook some time back and I totally forgot to make a mention of it here. I think I'm inspired to blog again.

Anyway, I'm quite happy to say that I am still in touch with some of the dudes. Out of the whole lot, Ian Cheah was the one I kinda kept in touch with the most simply because we were into music and through him, hooked up with the rest. Looking at that picture, you'd never guess what we'd grow up to be. Ian for one played bass in one of the most respected bands in Malaysia, Damn Dirty Apes and joined Chino, Fumi and myself in the later years of John's Mistress, after Dan left for the UK.

It's amazing how our paths cross and we're all connected in some way. We all took quite different paths and got to where we are today but back then, it was all just fun and games. In the little forum on Facebook, the boys wondered where all the girls are today and whether they grew up to be hotties. Haha! A mystery we've yet to crack.

Oh by the way, guess which one I am in the picture.

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar


The Hole

Since we're on the subject of injuries, I may as well tell you my infamous "falling into a hole" story. If you were in the Malaysian music scene, you'd probably know about this story already but hey, it's still worth telling after all these years.

It was 2005. Broken Scar was about to play for the very first time as a trio with Manshaan on drums and Alda on bass at the new Paul's Place in Old Klang Road. We were meant to play first so we were the last ones to sound check. Right after sound check, I went over to the mixing desk to pass a CD of the intro track to Paul, who was mixing the show. Naturally, after passing something to someone, you would just turn around and walk in the direction that you came from. Who would have expected a hole in the floor that goes all the way down a whole level? The hole was cut out in the floor and a rope ran through it for climbing practice, I was told after.

So I pretty much walked into my own accident. I sat at the bottom of the hole, surrounded by pieces of plastic screen that was used as a sound barrier. The initial fall just put me in a state of shock that I just couldn't feel a thing.

I yelled out of the hole, "I think I broke my arm!!" and the boys just laughed at me. I mean, it is pretty funny, now that I think back. Then, slowly, I regained my senses again and was able to get out of the hole. My arm was hurting and Manshaan said this to me, "Dude, you would play your best show when you're in pain". The whole process from falling into the hole and evntually getting out felt as if time stood still.

So, in pain, I stepped up on stage and played the very first Broken Scar show as a trio! That was one heck of a first show for the band to be remembered!

I can't remember whether I went to get an X-Ray done or not, but I know my back is definitely messed up and it's something I live with up till today. But like old saying goes, what doesn't break you can only make you stronger.

Check out the original post when it happened back in 2005 HERE.

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

Sabbath Monday

This is the third Monday in a row that I've felt as though Mondays are like my Sundays. Since, Sunday seems to be the longest day of my week, Monday has officially become my rest day. I think I am awake for the longest part of a 24 hour day on Sundays compared to any other day. Okay, that sounds confusing.

Anyway, the band has been rehearsing consistently and it's coming along nicely. A few more rehearsals to go before the big debut at The Curtin Bandroom. We had a rehearsal yesterday and it felt good.

I've also made it a point to get into some form of routine sports and badminton on Sundays seem to have captured me. I know, that seems like such an uncle's game and it's not quite rock & roll, but I need the exercise man! I've been trying to go as often as possible just to hang out with friends and get a workout without having to think of it. It's nice to just enjoy the game. I am paying for it now though. My whole body's aching and I think that's why I've been cranky all day. It's the price you have to pay to stay healthy hey?

I have to admit, I never loved sports. I played in school and I wasn't too bad actually. I played basketball and volleyball. I even won a gold medal for volleyball but somehow, towards the end of high school, I realised that I loved music more than I will ever love sports when I injured my wrist in a volleyball game. That was the day I gave up sports. I'd much prefer to rock out. Thank you very much.

The doctor asked me how much I loved playing guitar and I said that I could not live without playing. Then he said, "Going through surgery as you know is always 50/50. You either come out having your wrist playing as a gem or you may never play guitar again. You decide." I chose the obvious. I chose to skip surgery and rested my wrist to see if there was a sign of improvement. After a few months, there wasn't any improvement. So, I decided to rehab it immediately and continued playing. I couldn't play as well as I used to and I'd get stuck with certain chord positions and chord changes but I soldiered on.

For years, I endured the pain every time I play. It still hurts till today but the pain is definitely worth it. I mean, with my limitation, I ended up playing the guitar the way I do and writing my music the way I do which ultimately led to having my own "sound". I love it!

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

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It's been really nice having some sunshine over the past week and today was exceptionally warm. Too bad I had to be indoors. It was all worth it though because I was at SYN 90.7 broadcasting my radio show, The Limelight Hour with Lionel, Asami and Giulia.

It was heaps of fun as we were entertained by the ever melodious SceneAtTheMovies! Dharen and Rohan dropped by the studio for a chat and played us a couple of songs, one of which is a brand new one that hasn't even been recorded yet. I was definitely blown away by their awesome acoustic performance at the studio. You can check our the show on: thelimelighthour.blogspot.com

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

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Broken Scar Merchandise. Now Available In Melbourne.

The first line of Broken Scar merchandise is out. They will be available in Melbourne at The Limelight @ Miss Libertine tonight!

Venue: Miss Libertine (34, Franklin Street)
Date: 21 May 2009 (Thursday)
Doors: 7 pm
Cover: $8

...and TIM MCMILLAN will be playing at The Limelight tonight! You don't want to miss this Goblincore guitar hero!

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

Exciting News!

Exciting news from the Broken Scar camp!

thelimelighthour.blospot.com is where you want to go to check out the video of me playing an acoustic version of The City & The Lights on SYN 90.7's The Limelight Hour.

I am also proud to announce that Broken Scar has a brand new line-up featuring Julian on bass and Tjin on drums. We will be playing our debut show in Melbourne next month. Here are the details:

Venue: The Curtin Bandroom (29, Lygon Street. Melbourne)
Date: 11 June 2009 (Thursday)
Time: 803pm
Cover: $6
The Vulpine, Nobody, Broken Scar

It's going to be a massive night so please come down and support us.

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

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This Is The Sound

"This is the sound of desperation", Hawthorne Heights - Desperation.

Where does all the ranting do for a person? Where will it get you? I was just thinking about what I blog about and I reckon I rant a lot and when I am not, I just write cryptically or some would say vaguely. I disagree with those that say it's vague. It's purely cryptic. You're just not deep enough to read between the lines.

I think some people need to grow up. I think some people need to learn some manners. I think some people need to learn some ethics. But most importantly, just be an overall good person. Not doing bad does not equate to doing good. Doing good does.

Sometimes there are a million and one things I want to say but I just don't have the liberty to do just that. So I end up talking about the same things over and over again.

Boy, do I have stories to tell you. If only you'd have the time to just explore it with me.

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Goodnight Safe Flight

After a panic attack I had yesterday, all I needed was some time off to hang out. So I did just that. I hung out all day with Charlotte who was visiting Melbourne. It was heaps of fun showing her around as well as catching up big time over meals and drinks.

Today, I got zero work done and I'm proud of that. Now, I am totally zonked. Goodnight.

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Until I Fall

This is freakin epic! Can't help but to do a double post today!

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I think Richie Kotzen is pretty underated. I mean, everyone knows Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Yngwie Malmsteen. Even non-guitar enthusiast would know those names. But check out Richie's playing. He's so musical and technical at the same time.

When he first joined Mr. Big when Paul Gilbert left the band, the band just wasn't the same anymore. But Richie's still great and Mr. Big is still awesome.

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar

The First Show

The first The Limelight Hour was awesome! It all happened so quick that the whole hour felt like it was only 5 minutes. We went into the studio, played a track an while the track played on air we hooked up the laptop to the system, moved microphones around, adjusted the levels and BANG! We were live on air!

The schedule was so tight, I literally had to run to the toilet to take a leak. I think the run added some extra adrenalin to the show.

It was a great debut show and I was happy with how the programme sounded. We had stacks of fun and we can't wait to get on air again next Saturday and showcase more awesome independent music!

Check out last week's play list on the show's blog,

Remember, if you're in Melbourne, tune in to The Limelight Hour on SYN 90.7 FM.

All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar


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