Happy Halloween!!!

The Assistant Manager of SAE brought this in on Halloween morning and it was placed at the front desk of the school. I know this is a little "jakun" but this is the first time I've seen a Jack-O-Lantern in real life. In fact, I've never even seen such a huge pumpkin before in Malaysia.

Halloween here was pretty huge. People were dressed in costumes the whole week before, walking around the city, even in the day. Most of the clubs had a Halloween party going on.

As for me, I didn't do a things to celebrate. I should have eh? There's always next year.

Krispy Kreme

The Famous Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

The whole dozen

Sugar, fine as snow

This one is called the Devil's Food


Krispy Kreme opened a branch in Melbourne city not too long ago. Since there's so much hype about how people queue for hours, waiting in line just to grab these famous doughnuts, I thought I'd get some and try them out for myself and see how good they are.

The verdict? Overrated! They are colorful, they look good, yes, but it's not "out of this world". They taste like normal doughnuts. It is something we can get back home in Malaysia at Dunkin Donuts. Serious. I love Dunkin Donuts and I think the strawberry filled ones at Dunkin Donuts are way better than the Krispy Kreme ones. Oh, I'm not biased by the way and I'm not endorsing Dunkin Donuts in any way.

So, don't beat yourself up over Krispy Kreme, it's no big deal but if you want to try it for yourself anyway, knock yourself out.

I Killed The Prom Queen

I Killed The Prom Queen @ The HiFi Bar, Melbourne

I didn't take any pictures or as many videos this time round because I was having too good a time to do all that. I was headbanging like there was no tomorrow. Guess what? Tomorrow came today and I am paying for it bad but it was worth it!

The bands were tight, the sound was tight and I Killed The Prom Queen ripped the place apart! ROAR!!!

Selamat Hari Raya

I know this is a little late as I haven't been updating my blog too well lately, but here goes.

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali!!!

Hope you had a good holiday and break. Must have been awesome feasting on all that yummy rendang, ketupat, briyani and the works! Mmm..mmm...Save some for me!

Gig Report

Live @ Melbourne University

Open up and say 'Aah!' Warming up, pre-show.

It's show time!

Zach Tay

...and his band

Live @ Hard Rock Cafe, Melbourne
I missed my band as much as I did at Melbourne Uni, but nothing was going to stop me from getting up on stage at Hard Rock. The songs may have more intensity with the band but it was still alright to strip them down to their bare acoustic versions. All in all, I had a great time. I mean, what’s there not to like? Come on, it’s Hard Rock Café, Melbourne!

Huge thanks to Barney and Hard Rock Café for the excellent opportunity. Thanks to all my friends who turned up despite it being a weeknight. Thanks for singing along. It was a great time hanging out. You guys made my day! Cheers heaps! I had a great time!

Zach @ Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock Cafe Melbourne

I don't have any pictures of myself because the camera was used to record videos the whole time. It's all good.

Broken Scar Live @ Hard Rock Cafe Melbourne

I'll be playing at the Hard Rock Cafe next Tuesday 24/10/06 @ 730pm for the open mic night.

Here are the details:

Where? : Hard Rock Café, Melbourne
When? : 24 October 2006 (Tuesday)
Time? : 730pm
Cover? : FREE

First Melbourne Show in 2006

I played my first Melbourne show in 2006 yesterday at Deep Dish, Melbourne Uni. Deep Dish is a very cozy outlet hidden somewhere in Melbourne Uni where students can go over there to hang out and get a beer or two. There wasn’t a stage, just a little corner with a PA system sufficient enough for the place.

I wasn’t quite myself because I was dead tired and had a tad bit of a sore throat but I guess the show went on pretty well and it felt good. I played five songs and it was refreshing to play again after a month’s break. Again, it felt strange to have to play solo again without my band, as I was very used to performing with the band in the past months. I am truly missing my band.

Thanks to Zach Tay for getting me the slot, everyone at Deep Dish, student council and everyone who turned up.

I’m looking forward to the Hard Rock show next Tuesday!

First Week Of School

Class officially started on Monday. The school is warm and cozy, yet very well equipped with high–tech audio and film equipment. The class is large enough for 25 students but we only had 16 on the first day and it was pretty spaced out.

Monday was pretty much just an introduction and a brief overview of our course.

Tuesday sounded heavy for me although all we really did was to go a little more in-depth in reviewing our schedules and modules till the end of the year. I guess this way we know what we are in for this year. This time round in the degree program, it’s very research based unlike the diploma course where it is very practical.

Wednesday was assignments day. Assignments were issued for the year and pretty much the major assignments were outlined for the rest of the course and they will be on going from now till the end of the course. I guess that will keep me on my toes the whole time. And oh, on the third day, there's already an assignment issued that is due on Monday.

It’s all good I guess. I’m slowly getting to know my classmates and in due time things will fit into comfort.

Broken Scar Live @ Melbourne University

I am stoked to announce that Broken Scar will play the first gig in Melbourne in 2006. Tell your friends about it! Woohoo!

Where? : Deep Dish, Melbourne University
When? : 19 October 2006 (Thursday)
Time? : 430pm
Cover? : FREE

Huge thanks to Zach Tay.

Rockstar Taste Of Chaos 2006

Vodafone Arena

Main Stage

Friday. 5pm. Doors Opened.
Friday. 1130pm. Show Ended.

There were two stages, the main stage and the side stage where the local Aussie bands played. All of the headliner bands played on the main stage except Saosin. Saosin should have taken main stage! Despite playing on the little side stage, Saosin still rocked out and the sounded the best for the night. Awesome set, great musicianship and great singing. Perfect! Saosin is a STAR!

Watching Underoath play also was just an awesome feeling. They stand for Christ in everything they do and they are not ashamed to declare it publicly. Respect!

What can I say, it's the first ever tour/stadium concert I've been to that was totally worth every single cent I paid for it. No words can describe how awesome the feeling was. Saw my favorite bands Underoath and Saosin, and heaps of other great American and Australian acts. What more could a rocker ask for?

Check out pictures and review HERE

At A Glance

Here's what I've been up to.

24 September 2006
Cooked some butter prawns. Huge prawns we bought from Queen Victoria Market. That's only half of the prawns that we bought in that pan. The other half was kept for another day. It was only ten dollars for a whole big bag. Pretty reasonable.

25 September 2006
Went to the Melbourne Theater Company to catch the launch of the 2007 play season. Superb theatre. It's also a non profit organization. Excellent acoustics as well.

27 September 2006
Cousin and her family visited me.

My beautiful niece Alenna

28 September 2006
Liability Of My Own Tour @ Green Room
I thought, well there will not really be any point of putting up pictures of bands because you can't hear them anyway through pictures, right? But thanks to myspace and since everyone is on it, I've included the band's myspace sites so you could check out how they sound like. Enjoy.

The Line-up

The Scissor File

Check out the drum kits! Everyone brings their own instruments. So, 5 bands = 5 drummers = 5 drum kits.

Comprehending Jamie. This was Comprehending Jamie's last show. I tried to find out why it was the last show but I didn't get an answer. The lead singer was drunk so this was a very entertaining band to watch.

Liability Of My Own


Forgiven Rival


Armageddon Sky


29 September 2006
Liability Of My Own @ Bang

This here is a whole story of it's own. Bang is kinda like Twilight Action Girl back home at The Loft at Zouk just that it's not quite TWA. Why did I say that? Well for starters, Bang is held at Royal Melbourne Hotel not too far from where I live and from the outside it looks like a typical clubbing night. But once you enter, an entire rock world unfolds before you. As you walk pass the bouncers and the ticket counter, you enter the main room which houses the live bands for the night. After the live bands are over, the main room becomes, well, the main room where people just dance to the DJs music or just hang out and drink. But there's more, the music the DJs spin here is not your typical Zouk music, they have several other rooms on the ground floor and also upstairs where each room plays different genres of rock. And I mean it's just rock based genres, no nonsense. The DJs here really know their rock and they are not just DJs trying to spin rock. Bang is resident to classic rock, emo/screamo, metal, punk and hardcore. I'm talking about real heavy stuff man! This is what a rock night should be like. It was an excellent experience. Wish my rocker friends were here.

30 September 2006
Belgian Beer Garden

Pot Of Mussels


01 October 2006

They also serve wine and other types of alcoholic beverages at Nandos here!

Live Videos

These videos were taken at the farewell show @ KL Jam Asia on 7th September 2006. This goes out to everyone who showed up and also to those who missed it, here's a chance for you to check out what happened that night. The videos below are in order of the setlist, just that not all all the songs we performed are posted up. I've tried myspace videos, you tube and now google video. Fingers crossed, hope these videos work alright?

Enjoy! Cheers!

P/S: Please let me know if any of the videos are faulty. Thanks heaps!

Click on the links below to watch the videos:


The Bleeding Confession

Venus In September

Hey You

Clocks (Until You)

Soul Reaper


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