The First Show

The first The Limelight Hour was awesome! It all happened so quick that the whole hour felt like it was only 5 minutes. We went into the studio, played a track an while the track played on air we hooked up the laptop to the system, moved microphones around, adjusted the levels and BANG! We were live on air!

The schedule was so tight, I literally had to run to the toilet to take a leak. I think the run added some extra adrenalin to the show.

It was a great debut show and I was happy with how the programme sounded. We had stacks of fun and we can't wait to get on air again next Saturday and showcase more awesome independent music!

Check out last week's play list on the show's blog,

Remember, if you're in Melbourne, tune in to The Limelight Hour on SYN 90.7 FM.

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