A Random Thought

Here I am, driving in the dark, returning from a long day of noise, noise and noise. Then this thought slips in, “Didn’t I wake and left earlier today while the sun still slept?”

Neck Breaker

The first installment of The Rawk Dawg Music Fest was an experience to remember. I don’t know about everyone else, but I had a great time playing at Paul’s new place.

The stage is a lot bigger now, with the front of house speakers properly mounted on the top left and right of the stage respectively, guitar amps on the left and right side of the drum set which was set on a raised platform of about two to three feet high and the stage itself had so much space to move and head-bang.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly. My neck can stand to testify. Whoever said that one needs drugs to feel good? One can get a fix through sheer adrenalin rush!

I wish I could post pictures though. Unfortunately, I have none. Anyone care to contribute?

On another note, Broken Scar rehearsals are in place and it’s looking good. This is the first time listening to my own songs in a live band set up. Are you excited? I sure am.

My Bleeding Confession

So there were plans to “form” a band two years ago, practice as hard as possible, record and finally be satisfied. None of the plans sparked a beginning until today.

Today is the mark of the beginning of a brand new journey.

First it was the John’s Mistress Initiation. Then, came the gigs and recording. Now that the five songs are recorded and mixed, it’s time to start what should have been started two years ago, to fulfill a dream, to record a Broken Scar CD.

Today, 17 January 2005 is the first meeting and rehearsal for the recording.

On this project, we have Alda Tan on bass and Manshaan on drums.

All I can say is that, as time goes by, nothing is ever too late. Things only get better. There is no better time for this project than now, as Alda puts it.

I was overwhelmed by adrenaline all the way from an hour before I arrived at the studio all the way till the second before I closed my eyes for the night.

The session was fantastic. We ran through all five songs for the recording. Overall, it was productive and positive. Looking forward to more sessions and hitting the recording studios.

Rock Dawg Music Fest 2005

JM Gig

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls of all Ages, Presenting the Rock Dawg Music Fest 2005!

Featuring Current Indie Acts of Malaysia!

In Celebration of The New Paul's Place in Uptown!

Prices are only RM10 plus first Free drink!

Please do come and check it out!

The New

Sometimes some things just has to come to an end. An experienced engineer said this to me, "Everything will eventually come to a full stop". What's there to disagree to that? Everything does come to a full stop, one day. There's just this one bit I'd like to add to that phrase.

Everything will eventually come to a full stop but everything has to have a start too.

The process of recording and mixing John's Mistress' five song EP will be coming to an end soon. So where's the new beginning?

This year, if all goes well, I have plans to record five Broken Scar tracks.

Bits and pieces of ideas are now on paper. A few calls have been made. It's now time to sit down, discuss and think about the entire process.

I'll be posting on the progress as they come. For now, I hope for the best in 2005.

*Any financial aid most welcome.

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