Goodnight Safe Flight

After a panic attack I had yesterday, all I needed was some time off to hang out. So I did just that. I hung out all day with Charlotte who was visiting Melbourne. It was heaps of fun showing her around as well as catching up big time over meals and drinks.

Today, I got zero work done and I'm proud of that. Now, I am totally zonked. Goodnight.

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4 Responses to “Goodnight Safe Flight”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    yay! i'm glad i made you do zero work all day! you deserved a day to relax and chill. i miss melbourne already! gah!


  2. # Blogger brokenscar

    Yeah, it was super fun just to hang out and chill with ya. What do you miss bout Melbs? The weather? hehe  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    mmmm, for starters, yes i do miss the weather! hee.. especially the day when we hung out outside the library. sun's scorching in the perfect chilly weather. you feel the chill & the sun - what a combination!
    i miss walking at night not being afraid if i'll get robbed, kidnapped, or.. something worse.
    i miss those little cafes that fill melbourne, those breakfast and that i'm spoilt for choice in terms of choosing my coffee instead of just starbucks or coffee bean here.

    ps. i listened to the podcast at thelimelighthour. super cool!!! keep it up k? i have to agree with your wife, asami sounds great!


  4. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    Aww, I think you would have loved yesterday's and today's weather. It was bright and sunny, it wasn't too cold, and the skies were bluer than ever. Not as gloomy as it has been.

    Oh yeah, I've yet to pass you their FBs! hehe. thanks for listening to the podcast. Do help us spread the word. hehe. With the net, our show is no longer limited to just Melbourne. Woot!  

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