In The Dark

Recording last night was a bummer. After about an hour into the session, the electricity died on us. So that is as much as I can say about the session. We didn’t get much done. Looking forward to the next one. We’re almost there!...


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I had a good time doing the interview. I just never realised I talked so fast. Oh well, I guess it's all good. Thanks Simon @ Musiccanteen for the interview! You rock!

Recording: Day Seventeen - Recording Zack

Zack's effects rig

Kim & Zack

Recording Zack is amazing! We went to the studio to do two tracks, “Down” and “Soul Reaper”. We started with “Down” and Zack whipped out some killer solos for it. Zack did a few takes of various solos and I would then choose the best one at the end. There were lightning speed ones, moderate speed ones and really cool jazzy lines. Then we worked on the rest of the song. It sounds more complete now with Zack on it.

Then we moved on to “Soul Reaper”. The solo was great and I loved it but when we got to the pre-chorus and chorus parts, we were stumped. We were dry on ideas. Then Kim gave suggested that we messed around with some effects and delays. With that, we were hyped up and nailed the lines.

There’s not much that I can type, but I can say that I had a great time and I got it all on video. Zack is an AMAZING guitarist!

Troubadours 8


Jerome the red eyed cyclops





Yours Truly

The ending of "Scratch"...The amazing audience put a smile on my face

The Sofa Sessions

After a long week, it was Sunday again and it was time for the Troubadours gig. As if I had it programmed into my system, I went down to La Bodega KL just like the Sunday before. According to the Troubadours blog, it was supposed to be a usual Troubadours session. But when I got there, I soon realized that it was a joint event between Troubadours and Doppelganger. The bands and singer-songwriters were there already when I arrived. I went ahead and did a soundcheck.

The crowd soon started to build up. It got so packed towards the start of the show, so packed that it was difficult to navigate my way to the washroom. This was a good sign. I was excited to play to new faces and a new crowd.

When it was finally my turn to get up on stage, I kicked off with “Scratch” and the crowd was simply amazing. I never really know what to play at the Troubadours because I left some room for flexibility. With a gut feeling, I played “Hey You” next and dedicated it to the amazing audience. For the last song, I concluded with “Down” and there was a huge smile on my face. Again the audience was simply breathtaking. During the bridge of the song, the audience sang along and we had a great time. There was this feeling of accomplishment because I managed to engage the crowd.

Here’s to everyone I met that night, both old and new friends. Thank you for an excellent gig to remember. Cheers to Sasha and Gerardine for the excellent sound. La Bodega has always been my favourite place in Klang Valley to play in.All the bands and singer-songwriters were all amazing. The Sofa Sessions was such a crowd puller. A choice of well known cover songs really got the audience singing along in unison.

Oh, I managed to sell two copies of the Panic In The Peninsula CD too.

Pictures are up as promised.

Troubadours 7

“Troubadours 7, which happened two days after Acoustic Fingers @ NBT, was a very quiet affair. Kohl (made up of Sara Lo and her bandmates--sorry Sara for billing the band as only Sara Lo) and 360 Degree Head Rotation charged on anyway, despite the lack of audience members. Kevin (Broken Scar) and the three Troubadours Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon and Jerome Kugan also appeared as open mikers.” Taken from

Click here to read more about it and to check out cool pictures taken by Jerome Kugan.

No Black Tie

*Picture taken at No Black Tie by Jasemaine

Acoustic Fingers at No Black Tie on Friday night was fantastic. Wait, that’s an understatement.

I love telling stories. So here we go, from the start of it all. I made sure I left early because I wasn’t sure where NBT was. I’ve never been to the old one. I’ve been looking forward to play at NBT for ages and here was my opportunity so I definitely did not want be late.

So with a couple of wrong turns and a few rounds around KL, I found NBT and realized that I’ve driven pass it three times. NBT is beautiful. It had this serious jazz club feel and look. There were already a few singer-songwriters there so we hung out for a bit while waiting for the resident sound engineer to arrive.

Soundcheck was up next. After listening to everyone else soundcheck, I was contemplating whether or not to go down the same road as everyone else, playing moderate tempo numbers because that felt like the common theme for the night. After consulting Jerome and Sei Hon, I decided to go ahead and play the faster numbers instead.

I was up first in the line-up for the night. It can be a very nerve-wrecking to play first at an unfamiliar venue. I didn’t know what to expect and how the crowd would react. I was ready to belt out the two songs I prepared anyway, regardless. Before I knew it, I opened my mouth to address the audience and I soon found out that the NBT audience is a very warm and supportive crowd. The audience was simply amazing. I felt very comfortable after receiving such warm responses. When I played the intro and verse for the first song, “Down”, I still wasn’t sure whether or not playing fast numbers was a good choice. I just looked at the room and played on. It was very encouraging to see heads and bodies moving to the song. That charged me up. Then I finished off the set with the second song, “Scratch”. Once again, the crowd was amazing!

All the other acts were also mind blowing. Love them all. It was a great night for singer-songwriters.

Looking forward to play more gigs at No Black Tie. Specials thanks go out to Sei Hon, Jerome and Azmyl for organizing this fantastic gig and No Black Tie for hosting it.

One From The Studio

Here's one from the studio while recording vocals for the last track, Soul Reaper.

The next step now is to review all the songs, add the additional vocal harmonies and percussions and we're off for mixing.

Watch this space for updates.

Gig Alert!

Here are some gig updates:

1. Acoustic Fingers @ No Black Tie

Date: 11 November 2005 (Friday)
Time: 9pm till late
Venue: No Black Tie Lorong Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, KUALA LUMPUR

(Lorong Mesui is situated behind Istana Hotel, which is situated on Jalan Raja Chulan) (You can't miss it, it's got lots of lovely plants leading up to the entrance) (NBT also serves Japanese food for those who want to have a bite with their drinks)

Cover: FREE

Featuring: Shanon Shah, Meor, Peter Hassan Brown, Reza Salleh, Izzy Mohamed, Jasemaine Gan, Zalila Lee, Shana, Mils, Broken Scar, Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon, Jerome Kugan and more

For more info please log on to:

2. Troubadours 7 @ La Bodega KL

Date: 13 November
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: La Bodega KL, Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang

Cover: FREE

Featuring Sara Lo, 360 Degree Head Rotation and surprise open mic acts

For more info, please log on to:

Tagged Again

Looks like I've been tagged again, this time by Alda. Shouldn't have read your blog today bro! Haha. Anyway, here goes...

Ten Years Ago I was--
twelve. It was the last year of primary school. The one thing I remember most is that I came in second for a Tamiya Mini 4wd Championship. I’ve got a huge trophy to show for it too! I can’t remember whether this was one day before the PMR exams or somewhere in between it all. I’d ride by bike everywhere. I was laidback and there wasn’t a care in the world.

5 years ago I was--
seventeen. This was the last year of secondary school. Again, I had partied all my high school years away and it was too late to buck up for SPM. I managed to scrape through though. I didn’t fail anything. This was a significant year. This was when I decided that I would make up for all those lost years, go to SAE and do my best there. Music was a huge part of my life by then. I had written a few songs and played a number of gigs with various bands.

1 year ago I was--
twenty one. People would normally make a huge fuss out of this, throwing huge parties because of the big twenty one but not me. I spent it at the studio, recording tracks for the up-coming album! Alda could stand to testify. It was more fulfilling than anything else, doing what I love most – music. We had a good dinner after the recording session.

Yesterday I was--
chilling at home and did nothing.

5 snacks I enjoy--

1. Twisties
2. Rum & Raisin Chocolate
3. Pods
4. Gelati
5. …Basically anything from St. Kilda

5 Songs I Know All the Words to--
1. My own?
2. The Spill Canvas – Self-Conclusion
3. Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
4. Eric Clapton – Wondeful Tonight
5. …I find it hard to remember lyrics. I hardly even do covers.

5 things I would do with a 100 Million splurges--
I’d put everything in the bank and live off the interest for the rest of my life. I’d be so rich I don’t have to limit myself to just five things. I could do five hundred million things for all I care.

5 Bad Habits--
1. Bitting finger nails.
2. Air drumming in the car
3. Burping? I give up…

5 Biggest Joys--
1. Knowing Jesus Christ
2. Finding my significant other
3. Being alive
4. Every single jam/recording session
5. Every single gig. Meeting people after that.

5 Favourite Toys--
1. Hotwheels
2. Transformers
3. Guitars

5 Things I Would Never Wear--
1. Body Hugging Tees
2. Bling blings
3. Singlets
4. Sleeveless Tees
5. Superman’s Underwear

5 Favourite TV Shows--
1. Whose line is it anyway?
2. Friends
3. Smallville
4. Frasier
5. Roswell

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date—
None that I can think of.

5 Celebrities I Wanna Date--
My brain hurts from thinking about this too much. I just can’t think anymore. I’d never date anyone else. I don’t need to. I’ve found my match, why bother?

5 People I Tag--
1. Chino
2. Kok Meng The Tall
3. Jennifer
4. Leif
5. Joy


Wow, the holidays are coming to an end already. What can I say? Time flies when you’re having fun. At least, my kinda fun. I wish that the holidays will start all over again and just repeat in a cycle though.

I’ve got no regrets for doing “nothing”. I’ve said this way too many times. There are just too many things to do but there is just so little time. There are always choices and I’m always stuck in thinking, which would be more worth it and beneficial. At the end of the day, I’d then ask myself, “was it a wise move?” Guess what, I’d normally end up semi regretting picking that choice and say that I should have done the other.

So what did I do over the holidays?

*Definitely slept a lot and caught up on rest. (This made up for everything. Best choice ever)

*Ate very delicious food – Deepavali open houses and at Grandma’s place

*Hung out with very good friends.

*Attempted to write songs, which was fine because now my fingers hurt like mad and I feel that I’ve worked hard enough. It’s all good. Wrote some music, now all I need is some new lyric material.

*Listened to some really rad music from The Spill Canvas. Mind blowing lyrics and amazing arrangements.

*Watched a movie which I can’t remember the title now. It’s the new Jessica Alba one.

I guess that’s about all I did and I’m glad.

At The Jamming Studio

I guess I just like black and white photos. These were taken at Der Schatten Studio where the Broken Scar band normally jams. Yes, I forced the rest into posing.

The Festive Season

Here’s the picture of Jimmy’s pillar of cans. It was an achievement indeed. No, we weren’t bored and the party wasn’t boring. It was a whole lot of fun putting this pillar together. It’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not as easy as just stacking those cans up. We had to hold them in place while Jimmy slowly stacked one can at a time. Zack was crushing a few cans just to get it the right size to fit the end so that it tightens the entire pillar to keep it in place. It was a job well done.

We attempted to make a pillar across, from the left side of the wall to the right. In the course of doing so, we didn’t only fail, but we also destroyed the first pillar. Oh well, it was all good. At least we caught it on camera.

The festive season is incredible. I had so much to eat at Manshaan’s place that I could hardly walk. Fried chicken drumsticks, two different types of rice, pork rendang, dhal, vegetables and chicken curry were laid on the table. Yummy!

Not forgetting the company. It was good hanging out with the guys and girls. What more, a music based crowd? House parties are always laidback.

Zack, Manshaan, Jimmy and Rahul

Fast forward to today, Tuesday.

I took the entire morning to recover from the lack of sleep. So that’s bout half the day gone.

I headed to Ragavan’s house in Klang for another Deepavali dinner. He’s a colleague that turned into a great friend. I felt like a king! The food was great! We had rice with chicken, lamb, vegetables and hash-brown too!

After that, Ragavan and I headed to another colleague’s house. Jothi also happens to be Ragavan’s cousin sister. Boy, it’s like having two dinners in one night! We’re talking about complete meals here. I was so full to the brim that I couldn’t finish the rice. Again, the food was fantastic. This time we had sambal prawns, fish curry, vegetables and chicken. Amazing! I felt really at home at both houses. It’s really cool to move beyond the “just colleagues” barrier.

We hung out for a bit there and then we headed back to Ragavan’s. This is where all the action started! I felt like a six year old all over again. We played with firecrackers!

It’s been ages since I’ve played with firecrackers. The closest to anything like that would be fireworks which has not much of a kick. Can you imagine? We actually got so tired after playing with the variety of firecrackers? That was how much we played. By the end of it, we were sweating like mad and we were super tired. It’s kinda weird because, at work everything seems so proper because it has to be so and it’s the formality. But, we weren’t only letting our hair down. Here we had two working adults going into child mode! I had a good time unleashing the six year old in me.

It was like, place firecracker, light the fuse, run like a maniac, close ears and enjoy! It’s loud, very loud.

I had a great time. I hope you did too. Raya is coming soon. Wonder if there are any open houses to go to.

Anyway, to all the Hindus, I want to wish you a Happy Deepavali and to all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya. Fasting will soon end. Happy holidays!

Recording: Day Sixteen

It’s amazing how things work out. I was praying hard that my sore throat will go away the night before but when I woke up this morning, I had such a sore and dry throat. I was heading out for recording so this is not good.

Instead of cancelling the session with Kim, I decided to go anyway and see what we could do. We ended up finishing the vocals for an entire song. The sore throat might have helped with my tone. How cool is that?

Then it was dinner with Alda and Rahul in the evening. After that we headed to Manshaan’s place to celebrate Deepavali! It’s all good! Pictures soon!

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