Season's Greetings

Hey boys and girls, with all the crazy festivities happening around this time, I just want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Rockin' New Year!

2008 has been awesome for Broken Scar and to keep the momentum at full swing, we're gonna kick off 2009 with a bang.

I will be flying back to KL on New Year's Eve and I'll pretty much hit the ground running with a string of shows lined up in KL, starting with a NYE show at SohoKL. Here are all the details:

31 Dec 2008
6:00 PM
Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara

8 Jan 2009
7:00 PM
Moonshine @ Laundry Bar

17 Jan 2009
8:00 PM
The Apartment, KLCC

21 Jan 2009
7:00 PM
Time Out: On The Up @ No Black Tie

All the shows will feature Broken Scar full band except at The Apartment. I hope to see you at the shows!

I also wanna give a shoutout to Jasmine Low, Reza Salleh & Brian Kwan for booking the shows. Thanks a million!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Kevin Broken Scar!

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The Limelight (DEC)

Here are some pictures from The Limelight 11th December 2008. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take pictures of everyone who performed as I was running around pretty much the whole time.


Yours truly with Zach Tay

Mr. Charles J Tan and band

Mr. Azmyl Yunor, making a very special appearance.

Mr. Josh Sperring and band

Clara Rhoden, second from the right.

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A Sensible Routine

It feels like since the weekend is over, I could finally wind down and relax but I guess I have mastered the art of keeping myself busy. It helps when I make it a point to make a "to-do" list these days to keep myself in check and in the rhythm of a sensible routine.

I like how things are balancing themselves out. I was just compiling a list of my achievements this year and as I look back at 2008, I can say that it has been an amazing year and that 2009 can only get better.

As corny as it sounds, but writing things down definitely helps to make it come to pass. I never really made any resolutions but this time round, I've set goals for myself and I can say that not only have I met them, I've surpassed many of them.

I am truly blessed to be alive and to do what I do. I'll probably be compiling that list and will post it sometime later as we wrap up this year. On the audio side of things, I've had the chance to do so much this year and I am super stoked because next year, it's gonna get bigger!

One thing I enjoy the most is the conversations I've had with people over the past year.

Now, the year is not over yet and there's heaps more to do. So put your seatbelts on!

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Look What I Found

Wow, another weekend is over just like that. I mixed The Bright Star boys up at Reservoir yesterday and all day today was spent mixing on a brand spanking new Digico SD8 for the Christmas production at Richmond! It was quite a breeze and the auditorium was sounding better than ever with that new desk in there. The best thing is, all the settings are saved into the trusty ol' USB thumbdrive! It's such an intuitive mixing desk to use. It's pretty easy to get a standard set up running, thanks to the guidance from the guru himself, Terry Ferguson! I had the best time mixing. I got clarity, without harshness. It was nice and warm. It can only get better from here on.

Now that the production is all over, it's time to give the 101-page manual a nice read. While reading it, I was surfing the net and look what I found.

Found this on Mr. Karl Agan's blog.

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Artist: Copeland
Song Title: The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
Album: You Are My Sunshine

Copeland's latest album is currently on repeat. I am totally addicted to this album. The opening track from this album just hooked me in right away. I was blown away by the vocal layers and I still get blown away every time little nuances show up. Love this album.

I particularly like the song mentioned above. The instrumentation is just amazing and the words are just beautifully crafted. The chorus goes like this:

"I've got my life in a suitcase
I'm ready to run, run, run away
I've got no time
'cause I'm always trying to run run run away
'cause everyday it feels like it's only a game
I've got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase"

Beautiful words to a beautiful song.
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The Bright Star Alliance

I just had to blog this before I crash. I am still buzzing from mixing The Bright Star Alliance at The Corner Hotel earlier today. It was also really good to see The Red Shore boys again too. It's been a while since the last tour.

TBSA's gigs are getting bigger and they are playing in better venues with way better PA systems and gear these days. Today was one of the best times mixing the boys. It was the most ideal set up. Sean did monitors from side stage while I did FOH. It was awesome! The gear at The Corner is just amazing. The FOH EQ was flat! I definitely had heaps of fun. The last two weeks have been such a ride!

First the Manningham Festival in Doncaster last Sunday where I mixed TBSA, then mixing an orchestra, a choir and 500 over students in a mass singing performance, to The Corner. It's been a great two weeks! One of the best two weeks in my mixing career! I feel like a king today!

Oh, of course, to top it off, there was Ed's buck's night. Now, it's time to crash.


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