Blast From The Past

Around this time two years ago, I received an email from Kok Meng, a friend I've known since kindergarten. The email subject read, "Blast From The Past" and attached is a photo with the file name, "OldSkool2.jpg" and all Meng said was, "Dudes, looky what I got".

I clicked it and this is what I saw! Our kindergarten class photo! Haha! Meng had posted this on Facebook some time back and I totally forgot to make a mention of it here. I think I'm inspired to blog again.

Anyway, I'm quite happy to say that I am still in touch with some of the dudes. Out of the whole lot, Ian Cheah was the one I kinda kept in touch with the most simply because we were into music and through him, hooked up with the rest. Looking at that picture, you'd never guess what we'd grow up to be. Ian for one played bass in one of the most respected bands in Malaysia, Damn Dirty Apes and joined Chino, Fumi and myself in the later years of John's Mistress, after Dan left for the UK.

It's amazing how our paths cross and we're all connected in some way. We all took quite different paths and got to where we are today but back then, it was all just fun and games. In the little forum on Facebook, the boys wondered where all the girls are today and whether they grew up to be hotties. Haha! A mystery we've yet to crack.

Oh by the way, guess which one I am in the picture.

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  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou

    I half expected to see a kid in glasses, long hair in a red t-shirt with some emo band name on it...... wasnt to be.....  

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