Demo Recording: Day Two

Day Two
Recorded vocals and guitars

Day 2 was pretty straight forward and less of a set up job. 2 mics on the guitar cab and 1 for the vocal. We spent a couple of hours getting the vocals down and then a couple more for additional guitars. This time I tracked another rhythm take with Danny's Gibson Les Paul and it was sounding HOT! We concentrated on only one song this time around so we could get the best out of the song.

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Demo Recording: Day One

Day One
Recorded drums, bass and guitars for three demo songs.

Getting to the studio through the rush hour was madness but we all got there in one piece. We loaded our gear in and began setting up immediately. I must say, team work just works wonders. After we got everything set up and sound checked, we started recording. The drum kit was sounding amazing. People would usually use D112's or Beta 52's but we ended up using the Sennheiser e901 and Audix D6 and they worked wonders.

Here are some photos from Day 1.

Push to talk. Talking to Tjin who was on the other side of the glass in the main recording room while Esan, Danny and myself stayed in the control room.

I tracked the rhythm guitar for the songs with my trusty Strat through my Fender Deville 2x12. Before the session even began, I already blew the fuse. It must have been a power surge or an unstable power socket. I replaced the fuse and we were back in business! Turning the amp right up to get the natural tube saturation was awesome! Add a touch of Tube Screamer and the tone just screamed!

Danny just nailing the parts effortlessly, ever so relaxed.

Esan. Recording/Pro Tools engineer.

Everyone wants to be a drummer. Esan, bashing the drums for Tjin to have a listen in the control room.

Esan's happy with how things are sounding.

One more time, from the top.

Tjin-man doing his thang!

Alvin Wong dropped by to shoot some photos. At one point, there were 5 of us in the control room. Esan, Danny, Alvin, Yih Hoong (who shot all these awesome photos) and myself. It did get a tad stuffy but we soldiered through.

The small arsenal.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Yih Hoong!

It was a very productive night of recording. We even managed to record a guide vocal at the end of the night before we had to pack up and call it a night. Great night all around!

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All Broken Scar's music is available on


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