Broken Scar Live @ Miss Libertine. 11 Dec 08.

Heya boys and girls, I'll be playing at The Limelight again in 2 weeks time. It'll be rad to see you all there. Let's pack up the place like we did before shall we? You guys are awesome!

Here are the details:

11th December 2008

Miss Libertine (34 Franklin St, Melb. Next to Aldi)

Doors: 7pm

Entry: $6 / head

Joining me will be the very talented Charles Tan and special guest all the way from KL, Azmyl Yunor as well as THE LIMELIGHT OPEN MIKERS!

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The Limelight November

FVE's 'The Limelight' @ Miss Libertine returns in November 2008!

'The Limelight' is a platform for local indie talent to road test their original music and enhance their stage skills. With both open mic acts and headlining feature acts, FVE's 'The Limelight' promises a great Thursday night of live music!

If you missed out on a fantastic night of live music in October, be sure not to miss out in November!

++ Feature Acts In November ++

The Vulpine - This 4-piece alt rock outfit's complex & moody style will transport you from ballady passages to soaring soundscapes. Gigs have included the Hi-Fi Bar, Espy Hotel to the Locker Room, as well as Triple RRR appearances. []

Nobody - Returning in November after a SOLID reception @ October's 'The Limelight' Nobody will be rockin' out their original tunes under the lights at Miss Libertine once again!

++ Stay tuned as we confirm and announce November's Open Mic acts over the coming weeks!! ++

FVE's "The Limelight" [Nov08]
27th November 2008
Miss Libertine (34 Franklin St, Melb)
Doors: 7pm
Entry: $6 / head

Stay up-to-date with FVE events by joining our Facebook Group @

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Adelaide: Summing Up Day One

Duck Pizza @ The Good Life. One of the best pizzas I've ever had.

Drving back from the wine fest.

Shiraz gelati that tasted nothing like Shiraz.

At the Seppeltsfield winery. Yummy Tokay!

Chateu Yaldara.
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I've been having a series of short dreams lately and last night's was particularly memorable. It was someone offering me to move to Florida. It probably doesn't mean anything but I thought I'd put it down anyway for future reference, if anything does happen.
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Revisiting The Used

Today is one of those days dedicated to music. It's crazy how my life pretty much revolves around music yet the funny thing is that I don't listen to enough music.

Whenever I am on the computer, I'd have albums playing from start till end and repeated over a few times. But that doesn't mean that I'm actually listening to it intently. However, this kind of listening does register the melodies and various nuances in my subconscious. I'd end up writing something one day and go, "How come it sounds like it's already been written". Then, I'd dig up some tunes and realise that it is someone else's song!

You can hear things but it doesn't always mean that you're listening. It's been a while since I've been able to pop a CD from my collection in, kick back and listen to it from start till end without any agenda but listening and digesting it.

I am currently revisiting The Used. I used to listen to heaps of The Used in my car when I was back in KL and everyone knows that we spend almost half of our lives on the road stuck in traffic jams. The Used kept me going. The funny thing about music is that it never stays static. You'd think you'd know everything about the CD but when you revisit it, you'd find different pieces of magic and other nuances that you never noticed before.

Here's the second verse from Sound Effects And Overdramatics. It's from the In Love And Death album.

Keep the mask aligned
Get it up in time
There's a space between valleys
and try and catch a vibe

Make a circle square, a rectangle curve
Use a smile as a noun and I think like a verb

Run quick switch sides
Spill the filled up cancer
And the room is shaking
Now you're changing places,
and I switched my pace,
and my breathing races when you mention blue

Bert is a genius. I love his way with words. I like how he places normal daily words and pairs them up in an unconventional way to make new meaning of those words.

I would have had this epiphany before and I'm glad I'm having it again now. I need it.
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Adelaide: Chateau Barosa

This winery had magnificent views.

The vineyard was vast.

Real acorns.

This flower is so vibrant it almost looks too good to be real.

We don't see lemons growing on a tree like this very often.

I should have chosen a bigger orange to do that.

Oranges this time round.

It was a nice stop at this winery. Absolutely loved the scenery and the air. It even had a little museum in the main building. It was quite thrilling to see the lemon and orange trees grown next to each other. Sweet and sour?
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The Party Never Stops

She was lying on the floor, unconscious. What put her on the floor was left unknown. The sirens from the two police vehicles lit up the scene. They burnt brighter than the city lights. The traffic came to a halt. The street was emptied. The paramedics arrived.

She remained lying on the side of the street. From the looks of it, a man was either trying to wake her up or was just "being there" for her.

In the midst of this tragedy, the music from the club still hammered on with the party now brought to the streets. There were people everywhere. They continued to dance the night away while she continued to lie there on the floor, unconscious.

It seems like the two scenarios didn't click. It seems as though they didn't fit the same picture. How can people party on while someones is lying on the floor, unconscious? How can you still party on when the police and paramedics are at the scene? How did things get so wrong? How can things get so out of hand?

Oh how I wish this was a clever story crafted within someone's imagination. Unfortunately, this was a scene witnessed by my very own eyes just at the street level of my apartment building.
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Hey boys and girls, I need your help big time. Until I Fall has slipped from #3 to #8 this week on Fly FM's Campur Chart. Basil is no longer with the Campur Chart so please vote via the following site:

Please vote for us to put us back in the game. Thanks a million guys! Really appreciate it.
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