The Hole

Since we're on the subject of injuries, I may as well tell you my infamous "falling into a hole" story. If you were in the Malaysian music scene, you'd probably know about this story already but hey, it's still worth telling after all these years.

It was 2005. Broken Scar was about to play for the very first time as a trio with Manshaan on drums and Alda on bass at the new Paul's Place in Old Klang Road. We were meant to play first so we were the last ones to sound check. Right after sound check, I went over to the mixing desk to pass a CD of the intro track to Paul, who was mixing the show. Naturally, after passing something to someone, you would just turn around and walk in the direction that you came from. Who would have expected a hole in the floor that goes all the way down a whole level? The hole was cut out in the floor and a rope ran through it for climbing practice, I was told after.

So I pretty much walked into my own accident. I sat at the bottom of the hole, surrounded by pieces of plastic screen that was used as a sound barrier. The initial fall just put me in a state of shock that I just couldn't feel a thing.

I yelled out of the hole, "I think I broke my arm!!" and the boys just laughed at me. I mean, it is pretty funny, now that I think back. Then, slowly, I regained my senses again and was able to get out of the hole. My arm was hurting and Manshaan said this to me, "Dude, you would play your best show when you're in pain". The whole process from falling into the hole and evntually getting out felt as if time stood still.

So, in pain, I stepped up on stage and played the very first Broken Scar show as a trio! That was one heck of a first show for the band to be remembered!

I can't remember whether I went to get an X-Ray done or not, but I know my back is definitely messed up and it's something I live with up till today. But like old saying goes, what doesn't break you can only make you stronger.

Check out the original post when it happened back in 2005 HERE.

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3 Responses to “The Hole”

  1. # Blogger iamamonkeysoareyou


    sorry. couldnt help myself...

    I remember you telling me about this, but its still funny reading this again....


  2. # Blogger Giulia

    Hey if this was facebook, i would like this hahaha.

    it made me laugh! GO KEVIN! :)  

  3. # Blogger Kevin Broken Scar

    No worries guys, this post was meant to make you laugh. hehe. It's realy funny now, even I laugh at it but boy was it painful back then. haha.  

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