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This is quite an interesting read. Some entertainment news which, well, isn't as fresh anymore when you read this, but it's still worth a read if you haven't read it yet. It's about Jason Newsted, ex-Metallica bassist.



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What a Saturday!

What a day it has been. I can't believe I actually got out of bed by 8:30 am on a Saturday! It was awesome though because it makes my day seem extended. The wife and I spent the first half of the day inspecting two houses via public transport. I feel so grown up all of a sudden, going on this house hunt which is not an easy task. It's quite surreal that this is all happening especially because I still feel as though I'm a teenager, in the mind and at heart I guess.

By the time the inspections ended, I was ready for a food refill and we ended up in Box Hill. Once lunch was over, I was ready to just hide under the covers and sleep but we had a train ride back into the city just in time for a catch up with a friend and then off to church we went. Service was awesome and Pastor Jesse was on fire!

The dinner that followed was the highlight of the day. It didn't matter where we ate but it was the awesome company that topped it.

By the end of the day, we had maxed out our weekend saver card by jumping on three trains, four buses and a tram all through zones 1 and 2! What a Saturday!

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Cobus - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down (Drums Cover)

How about we get back to some music eh?

I found this guy on YouTube randomly. It was one of those related videos on the sidebar that popped up and I clicked on it just for fun and bang, I was blown away by this awesome drummer. This song is one of my favourites and it really reminds me of the time I was working as the in-house sound engineer at Next and Bang alternative nightclubs because after the bands finished, the DJs usually crank this song.

Anyway, watching Cobus' videos gave me insight into the drum parts of the songs he covered and this one especially stood out. I never realised how busy the drum parts were until now. It definitely gave me fresh ideas to write my music and to incorporate new drum ideas and opening up space for Tjin to play busy appropriately.
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Melbourne Is Clean

"Testing has shown four out of five sushi samples bought in certain areas are crawling with bacteria which can cause serious illness." Today Tonight

Funny how I was just talking about sushi and sashimi then this turned up. I actually saw it on TV two days ago over dinner. What a coincidence.

Sushi outlets in Melbourne recorded a clean bill of health but overall more than one in 10 sushi outlets around the country failed tests."

How good is it to be living in Melbourne? When Sushi outlets everywhere else in Australia failed the health tests, Melbourne stands strong! I feel like getting some sushi rolls for lunch soon!


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There's A Part Three

Yes, it turns out there's a part three to the fishing at Buxton series. We caught quite a lot of fish so each of us brought some home to cook on another day. I took one trout home. Knowing where the fish came from and the fact that it was caught with our own hands gave me the confidence that the fish was still going to be fresh despite freezing it and keeping it for a few days.

So, this was a few days after the fishing trip.

I don't even know why I had the knife and chopping board out seeing that the fish was already nicely cleaned and that we were going to cook the fish whole.

Made up a simple salad to go with the fish. I had a thing for walnuts at the time so there were walnuts, cherry tomatoes, spinach, rocket and cucumber in there. I squeezed some lemon juice and added a dash of salt and pepper. Easy as!

Bang on the lemon and herbs, wrap in foil then chuck it into the oven. One of our best home-cooked meals to date plus it was so easy to make. Eating fish that you caught with your own hands is one of the best feelings ever!

P/S: I've been using "we" a lot in my posts lately and if it seems like it's not referring directly to anyone in the post, it is more than likely referring to me and the wife. :)

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Catch Of The Day: Part Two

After posting the first part and getting comments from Dan on Facebook, I realised that I forgot to talk about what happened after we caught all that salmon and trout! Got too excited with the fishing part, I guess.

At first, we were tempted to make sashimi out of the salmon but we weren't sure if they were the same grade as those used for sashimi. The ones we caught looked really pale while the sashimi ones are usually more orange and vibrant. I should probably look it up to find out why there was a difference eh?

So, we ended up bbq-ing the trout and salmon with some lemon and herbs as planned. We kept it as simple as possible because the fish was so fresh we didn't wanna ruin them. We had a feast that day and the reason why there weren't many pictures of the food was because we were just too busy eating it all up! There were sausages, salad, noodles and a whole lot of salmon and trout!

I haven't had whole fish for a while as most fish here are huge and by the time we buy them, they are in fillets. So this was a very refreshing change.

We had a freezing start but it was great because I got to warm up in front of the fireplace! I love fireplaces! But the sun came out later and it was such a beautiful day.

This is one of those sights that you just need to be there for yourself to take in and enjoy. I could have stared at that tree for the longest time. It's like an explosion of colour!

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Catch Of The Day

Fishing at Buxton on 21 April 2010

Warming up before heading into the cold to start fishing for the day

We were one of the firsts to arrive. It was serene!

My little salmon catch! This salmon put up a pretty good fight and it was such a thrill to finally catch it...

...and hold it in my hands! I had to kill it by knocking its head with a pipe. Hence the blood splatter.

Our catch for the day, all nice and clean. We had such a great time catching the fish but cooking and eating them on the spot was the best! It can't get any fresher than this. Yum!

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John Mayer Live @ Rod Laver

It was an overall great night out watching John Mayer live in action although he didn't do as many guitar solos as the last gig I saw. In my opinion, Orianthi's mix wasn't great. The backup vocals were inaudible and her guitar was louder than the drums even. I mean, I know Orianthi's the star and all, but the mix could have been more balanced. I got worried, thinking that it was coz I was seated on the side and not getting a center FOH mix. Then JM came on stage and the sound was just mind blowing. Perfect mix! John Mayer definitely has the works!

Orianthi opens the night

Orianthi shredding away

The crew rolled out the carpets for John Mayer's set

...and he strips things down in the middle of the set

John Mayer's shows always has good lighting, just that I thought compared to the last JM gig I went to, this wasn't as flash.

JM fans

...thank you and goodnight
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After Pandora stopped working in Australia due to licensing and copyright reasons, I only stumble on new music through MySpace, YouTube and word of mouth. I just realised I haven't actively looked for new music for a while now. I also didn't know which online radio to listen to until I found Grooveshark. I like how it reminds me of Pandora and how I can just load up a playlist of popular music. I've found a few good bands but playing through the playlist, I just realised that these days mainstream equals R&B and hip hop! I find myself having to skip loads of songs before something good comes up, something good in my preference that is.

The good thing about Grooveshark is that there are no advertisements unlike commercial radio. It's just pure music. The only problem though is the popular music playlist sounds exactly like commercial radio! We're back to square one. So is the general public genuinely loving these overly auto-tuned tracks out there or is there another force behind it, pushing these tracks and artistes forward into the mainstream? How much of it is marketing and how much of it is actual music enjoyment?

Oh well,
thank God you can build your own playlist from the site's large music bank. As I typed this, I've skipped 8 songs to find something that has the slightest hint of rock.


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Broken Scar Does The Beatles

Thanks heaps to everyone who came out to support us at The Beatles night at Miss Libertine. As I've said so many times, by being there, you've already done a great deal in supporting the people in Haiti and Chile. For those of you who missed our set, here are the two Beatles covers we did. Broken Scar style, of course.


All Broken Scar's music is available on www.reverbnation.com/brokenscar


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