The Burning Candle

It’s warm here
I’m almost still, watching
The selfless diminish, slowly, slowly
I’m disappearing

Everything sets in motion yet I stay still
I’m not actually here, I’m lying
Watching, slowly, watching
I’m observing

Stealing my thoughts
Appearing, disappearing all at once
I see them swing by
I’m preoccupied, lost in thought

The ticking stops, marking my absence
This cant be right, it dies in me
Leaving me motionless
Paralyzed by the sight
It burns out

Merry Rockin Christmas

I just wanna wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I've sent a Christmas song I recorded via email to those on the mailing list not too long ago.

I've finally uploaded it on myspace and it's available for download. To download it, head on to:

The song is called Two Chord Christmas Song, simply because the entire song is made up of only two chords. Hope you'll enjoy it. Once again, Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

Rock The World Pictures

Thursday. 14 December 2006.
Rehearsal at Alda's rehearsal space.

Friday. 15 December 2006.
Soundcheck at Stadium Merdeka

Saturday. 16 December 2006.
Rock The World 7, Interview with Serena C for

....and it's show time!

Thanks to Darren and Albert for taking the pictures. Special thanks to our crew, Darren and Syefri. Not forgetting our special guests, Alex's family, Bee and Nini. Thanks again to the organizers, Fat Boys, Hamka, Zahid and Jason Lo for having us at RTW. Last but not least, thanks a million to the wonderful audience for singing and dancing along with us. You are legend!

Rocked The World

We just got back from RTW 7 and I have to say, it was a pretty damn awesome show because you guys in the crowd were amazingly mind blowing! Here's a shoutout to all of you who were there, singing and jumping along with us, even in the rain! You guys are awesome!!!

Thanks to Jason Lo and the entire Fatboys crew for having us at this wonderful event!

I am currently in Kuching and will be heading up to Borneo Highlands. There are no communication services up there. This means no phone or internet. So I shall post pictures from Rock The World as soon as I get back on KL. I'll be back in KL by Friday night. Anyone care to pick me up from the airport? haha.

Cheers heaps!

Sticky: Rock The World 7

Click on flyer for larger view

I guess it is no longer a secret. News and flyer are out. Thanks to the awesome people at Fat Boys, Broken Scar will be rockin it out at Rock The World 7 this year!

Edit: It is only less than a month away. I've received news that we will be playing on the Indie Stage at 6:30pm! See you guys real soon!


Rock The World 7

Date: 16 December 2006 (Saturday)
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Indie Stage
Time: 630pm (Broken Scar's Set)
Tickets: RM25

For more details, log on to:

Be There!

Good Vibes Productions

Here's what I've been up to today. I played guitar for Benny's thesis project, "Good Vibes Productions" and here are some pictures of the people involved.

Andres jamming

Elad, the engineer and Benny

Damien, drummer

Our gear

Benny, the producer

Yours truly on acoustic guitar

All the guys above are my classmates by the way. Chris loaned us the drums and Tomoki played electric guitar. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take pics with of them. Next time round perhaps. We jammed a very cool song and did a rough guide track that turned out pretty sweet.

For now, Good Vibes will be put on hold for me as I head back to Rock The World 7!!!! Woooooooohooooooooo!

Too Much To Handle

There’s too much music out there (well, at least in Melbourne). Pick up a copy of Beat or Inpress Magazines and there will be hundreds of gigs you can go to in whatever genre you like everyday of the week.

Let’s start with
Beat and Inpress. What are they? They are free magazines with truckloads of music news, band interviews, competitions, giveaways, pictures, reviews, classifieds, relevant advertisements and best of all, a comprehensive gig guide of the week. They have heaps of promo for gigs in the first few pages and the last few pages. It’s sort of like a compilation of various band/gig flyers and also promo from the venues themselves, displaying their websites clearly and providing a gig guide of their own. Intensive indeed. They come out fresh from the printers every Wednesday morning without fail and will be at the doorsteps of CD retailers and music related stores. In fact, they are out by Tuesday night. I really wonder how they do it.

The gig guide is for the whole week from Wednesday to Wednesday, providing venue and ticketing information. There’s also a whole list of bands who are touring, which makes it easier to track and these gigs are advertised and announced way in advance. At present, there are gigs announced for February already. They are always two months ahead. That’s what I call planning.

So take your pick, Beat or In Press. I never finish reading any of them before the week is over. I often even lose track of the gigs just because there are just that many gigs. I literally have to make a gig calendar and plan out my weeks in advance to fit these gigs. Insane isn’t it?

So I normally browse through two of the magazines and I’ve decided that there’s no way I can read them from cover to cover. So I’ve made mental notes to look out for the important bits. The important news, the giveaways, the gig guide and the gig flyers/ads.

So today was one of those days that I sat down to look through them and I just had to make a decision to be less ambitious and only attempt to read one. There’s just so much info in there you’d go, “who needs to buy magazines when these free ones are awesome?” I’m going crazy planning out the gigs I want to go to. I wish I can go to all.

On another note, who here can say that they had class in a gig venue, had pub lunch and had beer for class? Well, I can. My class had a ‘live sound’ component and our guest lecturer, Lance Krive (Front Of House engineer for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias among many others) took us out to the
East Brunswick Club for a hands-on session. We had a three-piece band come in to play for us as well as we did soundcheck and tune-up. Lance is awesome! He knows his craft and he works amazingly fast. Let’s just say that the pro really knows what he’s doing and the sound was just awesome. However, good sound also comes from a few sources, mainly a good band, good band gear and good PA System.

For those of you interested in audio stuff, we worked on a Midas Verona desk, Nexo monitors and FOH speakers with some Shure Beta 57’s and Beta 58’s. There was a set of Sennheiser mics for the drums and for the guitar amps.

Uploaded Two Songs

Well okay, they are not new, new songs. They are "Venus In September" and "Clocks (Until You)" taken off the debut album and it's been a while now that I've wanted to put them up, so here you go. Enjoy!

Plus because there isn't enough space on MySpace for both the tracks I've uploaded the other on purevolume.

Listen here:
Clocks (Until You) -
Venus In September -

Oh, anyone coming to Rock The World? Hopefully with these songs, you could help us sing along? Lookin forward to seeing you guys at Rock The World 7!!! Cheers heaps!

Details at:

Part Of The Plan

I’ve been told that I haven’t been blogging much lately, so here’s an attempt to make comeback. For starters, going back to the studying world requires a fair bit of adjustment. Since the transition from school to work was quite an experience, I thought this transition from work back to school would somewhat be easier than the first but it somehow caught me by surprise. No, it is not negative nor is it difficult, it is just different. Adapting to changes is one of those things we happen to have to do a lot in this life-long journey and I shall take it on face first.

Here’s what I thought, at first.

Work = Hard work. You will have to slave at the office or ‘work field’ during working hours and the hours are long but once you exit the door, work is left at the office. Yes, there were heaps of times I worked weekends but once the ‘job’ was over, it was over.

School = No big deal. Party! Hang out! The worst than can happen is you fail a subject or the entire course, which won’t hurt much. Well, maybe you’ll make a big dent in your own bank account because the course fees would have been wasted, but hey, you will never get FIRED! The hours are not as long as classes are short and they only go for three days a week.

…and here’s what really happens.

Work = Hard work. Awesome SALARY. Long hours, but once the job is over, it’s over.

School = Hard Work. NO salary but the cash flow is outwards, towards the school. The ‘jobs’ never end! They keep going, for the entire duration of the course. Research in on-going until the due date where you hand the hard copy up, make a huge presentation and hopefully after that, graduate with a piece of paper called a Degree.

Okay, I know I’m long-winded. So to get to the point, I’ve been drowned in assignments for weeks. Putting in heaps of hard work, effort, blood sweat and tears into them and I have just finished them and gotten them nicely bound and looking good. So for now, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the hard work will pay off with good results. At times like these, I wouldn’t want to be too optimistic, just in case the worst happens.

Besides going back to school, I’ve got to make adjustments to living on my own as well. This means doing the chores. We all love chores, don’t we? Washing dishes, washing piles of clothes and sheets, cooking, sweeping, cleaning and more cleaning. That’s all part of the plan now. So I’ve been keeping busy. I’m not complaining, I actually love doing these chores.

However, there’s a downside to doing these chores as well. By the time I finish up the assignments and chores, I’d either be too tired or I would have ran out of time to play my guitar and write songs. I’ve been slacking a little bit in the song-writing department. So hey, give me a push and a nudge. Inspire me!

Oh, in between all these things, I was away last weekend, a whole story on its own, went to gigs and ate yummy food, but before I bore you lovely people who read my blog to death, I shall put a temporary full stop to this post for now.

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