2005 At A Glance

First, it was playing out of Selangor for the first time, then came the first two performances out of Malaysia, the great company and sound at each La Bodega gig, playing at the legendary No Black Tie for the first time and Broken Scar making its debut as a full band were among the more memorable ones. But then again, all the gigs are memorable in its own way. Each of them remain special.

Let's take another walk...down memory lane, of course. Here are the gigs that I've played in 2005.

1. 23rd January 2005. John’s Mistress. Rock Dawg Music Fest 2005. Paul’s Place

2. 5th February 2005. Broken Scar. Opening Ceremony Of TheFirst Starbucks In. Starbucks, Mahkota Parade

3. 3rd June 2005. Broken Scar. Flash Gig At Paul’s Place Organized By Rafil Elyas.

4. 17th June 2005. Broken Scar Full Band. Fear No Music. Paul’s Place.

5. 18th June 2005. Broken Scar. Fete De La Musique. One Utama Rainforest New Wing.

6. 19th June 2005. Broken Scar. Fete De La Musique. Berjaya Times Square.

7. 19th June 2005. Broken Scar. Fete De La Musique. KL Plaza Performance Spot.

8. 19th June 2005. Performed with Army Of Three. Fete De La Musique. Sungei Wang Plaza Main Entrance.

9. 19th June 2005. Broken Scar. Open Mic at Troubadours. La Bodega Tengkat Tong Shin.

10. 15th July 2005. Broken Scar. Songwriters’ Round #18. Alexis, Great Eastern Mall. Open mic.

11. 17th July 2005. Broken Scar. Troubadours. La Bodega, Tengkat Tong Shin. Open Mic.

12. 4th August 2005. Broken Scar. We Are One. Hartamas Square.

13. 22nd August 2005. Broken Scar. The Arthouse, Melbourne. Open Mic.

14. 5th September 2005. Broken Scar. The Arthouse, Melbourne. Open Mic.

15. 17th September 2005. Performed with Army Of Three. The World Peace Day Festival. Berjaya Times Square. Musiccantten Truck.

16. 22nd September 2005. Broken Scar. Live @ Hartamas Square.

17. 24th September 2005. Broken Scar Full Band. Xcited Screamers Album Launch. JamAsia

18. 16th October 2005. Broken Scar. Troubadours. La Bodega Open Mic.

19. 11th November 2005. Broken Scar. Acoustic Fingers. No Black Tie

20. 13th November 2005. Broken Scar. Troubadours 7. La Bodega

21. 20th November 2005. Broken Scar. Troubadours 8. La Bodega

22. 9th December 2005. Broken Scar. HELP Annual ADP/CFP Ball. Equatorial Hotel KL

23. 18th December 2005. Broken Scar. Troubaganger. La Bodega

24. 23rd December 2005. Broken Scar. 12 Bands Of Christmas. Little Havana KL

2005 Has Left The Building

I think most would be writing about how 2005 treated them, sum things up and pretty much wrap up the year as it closes.

I would very likely post a summary of all the gigs I’ve played in 2005, just like I did last year. But since that’s not going to happen any time soon because the entire list is not in this current laptop, I’d write about something else.

2005 has been an amazing year. It offered all its ups and downs in various preparations, all served up at exactly the right time and the right place. It has been a crazy year juggling the day job, recording, gigs, jamming, family, loved ones, friends and "alone" time. It has definitely been busy and has kept me on my toes. Because of all this juggling, there has to be constant planning and that can also be quite a chore at times but it surely played a huge role in organizing everything, especially issues with the album.

This year has been an incredible one also thanks to the people around me. Spending this year with the Broken Scar band, Alda, Manshaan and the extended family of guest musicians, Zack, Paul and Imran has made it meaningful. Constant jamming and rehearsals for the recording, and the actual recording sessions has pushed me further as a musician, thanks to these guys! This is the “right” band with the “right” bandmates. It works very well for me and the rest. Not forgetting Shelley Leong who helped me out with a piano track for the album that is simply amazing, all the other great musicians that I have met and all the new friends made. Here's shoutout to the Troubaganger organizers, Jerome Kugan, Tan Sei Hon, Azmyl Yunor and Jasmine Low!

I’ve learnt one very important lesson from this year. Embrace everything that comes my way with a smile and everything will work themselves out. There is no room and time to complain and whine because all that wasted time could have been used to actually “do” something.

I’m looking ahead into 2006 and expecting a lot from it. It’s going to be a lot busier and it’s just sweet!

The album is now at the end of the mixing stages and each day is closing in on its release. I’m excited!

Gig Update!!!

Click on flyer for larger view

Broken Scar Live @ Little Havana

Date:23rd December 2005 (Friday)
Venue: Little Havana (No. 2 & 4, Lorong Sahabat, Off Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur)Time: 9pm
Cover Charge: RM15

Performers include:
Sofa Sessions, Izzy, Broken Scar, Jerome Kugan

Little Havana is situated very near La Bodega KL.

For more info, email: info@livehouseproject.com
or call Tim Chew at: 012 389 1832
I'll be playing a longer set than usual gigs including new songs from the upcoming album as well a Christmas special. So come to the show and hang out.


Picture taken by Juliana.

This was right after the HELP ADP Ball and no, that pink watch does not belong to me. Wanna guess where it was taken? I guess it's all for me to know and for you to find out.

Update: I wonder what you people would have thought, but it was amusing to get the strangest feedback. Now stop imagining and guessing. Nothing happened there and the pink watch was just in line with my pink hair. There's nothing scandalous going on in here. So now, back to the music.

Come to the 12 bands of Christmas show on 23rd Dec!


I feel like a happy little boy, all excited and amused by the things I bought today. Hooray for Asia Link, which allowed me to purchase four CDs without feeling guilty. Why? Because they only cost RM 19.90 each!

Plus the date today looks cool. 12/12/2005. I just thought I’d blog about it.


*Picture taken at Jam Asia. Don't be fooled by the position of the faders on the console. There was more than enough juice in the power-amp section already. Trust me, it was loud.

While sleeping like a hibernating bear due to the lack of sleep after the prom, a call came in. It was Alda. He asked if I could help be the sound engineer for the “Awestruck” gig organized by Peter Hassan because there was a last minute change of plans and the original engineer could not make it.

I was originally supposed to go to Kuala Selangor to pay my brother a visit during his camp. But one can never turn down Peter Hassan, or friends who are in need, in this case Alda too. So I jumped out of bed, got ready and sped off to Jam Asia.

I wanted to drop by to watch the gig anyway, but since I was so tired, I was reconsidering it. Due to this incident, I went down, did the sound and had a good time.

I made it in time for the soundcheck. Most of the gear was already set up so I did whatever that was left to do and began doing soundchecks. It was quite embarrassing at first because there was feedback all over the place. The system was new to me and I had to take some time to get used to it. I soon got used to it after messing around with the gain structure a little bit and playing around with microphone placements.

I tried my best and I hope everyone was happy with the sound as this would probably be the first time I’ve mixed for so many bands on such short notice. It was truly an amazing experience and all the bands were at top form.

Personally, I enjoyed Soft Touch the most and it was such a joy to watch the band have a blast on stage belting out their songs effortlessly and with such passion and feel. The band, Etcetera had a very good tone too. They were one of the loudest, but because of the way the songs were arranged, everything came out clearly.

Oh, playing with the lights was great fun too although my fingers were tired after that. All in all, I had a great time and the experience was priceless. I definitely want to do more of these.

Bella Notte

Is it Christmas already?

The most unlikely couple. The acoustic guitar and the stack amp.

The ballroom during soundcheck

The Broken Scar Duo

How do we look?

Look at us all dressed up...

An attempt to be emo

The food...yummy!

First the pictures, now here comes the blurb.

It was a blast playing at the HELP Annual ADP/CFP Ball. Alda and I turned up as Broken Scar, the duo tonight, all dressed up for the occasion. It was a college ball after all.

Rewind to the start of it all. It was simple, I arrived and did a soundcheck. Hung out a bit till Alda arrived and managed to do another quick soundcheck together. We were scheduled to open the night with a ten minute set at 7:33pm. Oh how precise. But knowing our Malaysian timing and also the fact that VIPs are always fashionably late, we only kicked off the set about a wee bit after 8pm. Everyone was pretty much restless, tired of the waiting and most importantly, they were hungry for sure. With their stomachs very likely growling, we played our set.

Just a reminder to myself and whoever who is reading this, below are the four songs we played, in order.

Hey You
Shooting Star
Clocks (Until You)

There was a huge audience about 250pax and from where I was standing, it looked like a sea of smiles and lights (due to the huge candles placed on each table). The audience were a beautiful bunch, all dressed up in fancy dresses and all made up looking elegant and poise. Opps...I just realised that I'm only talking about the ladies. Of course I am, why would I notice the men? (How mean of me) but yeah, they were all dressed up too. It was really nice to see some familiar faces, which made it less odd to play to a bunch of people who were united by one entity, the college. Everyone pretty much knew each other.

In all honesty, I didn’t quite know what to say so I fell back on the less is more concept, talk less, play more. Let the guitar, bass and the songs do the talking. All in all, it was a fun set and it felt good to play at a prom once again.

I used to play at proms back when I still had the prom “age”. I didn’t feel odd or out of place this time around because in my mind, I felt young. But in actual fact, Alda and I were probably the oldest ones there besides the lecturers. Oh well, you know what they say, your surroundings determine how you feel.

Anyway, it was good to know that some of the lecturers really liked our songs.

Next up, it was dinner time! The food was yummy but my stomach was problematic. It didn’t stop me from enjoying it though. Soon after, Alda decided to leave. So I packed up and attempted to leave. However, I just felt like I wanted to be back there.

And what can I say? My gut feeling was right. The company was nice and since I had nothing to do, it was a very entertaining night which lasted till the morning.

Last Recording Session

Last night would probably be the last recording session for the Broken Scar album, Midnight In St. Kilda unless another one is necessary.

Kim and I recorded the smaller touches and details for the tracks and the songs are going into the mixing stages beginning next week. I am super excited and I can’t wait to listen to the songs, balanced and mixed.

I’m also very excited about tomorrow. Broken Scar will be the opening act for the HELP Ball held at Equatorial KL. Alda and I have arranged the songs to fit a two piece, guitar and bass. So to whoever that is from HELP, looking forward to seeing you there!

12 Bands Of Christmas

16th December 2005
KL Jam Asia

Tempered Mental
Tragic Comedy
Edge Of Fire

23rd December 2005 (Friday)
Havana KL

Sofa Sessions
Broken Scar
Jerome Kugan

Venue: Little Havana (No. 2 & 4, Lorong Sahabat, Off Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur)Time: 9pm
Cover Charge: RM15

Little Havana is situated very near La Bodega KL.

30th December 2005
KL Jam Asia

Throne Away
Beat The System
Dragon Red

Time: 9pm till late
Cover: RM 15

There are fantastic prizes to be won at these nights too.

For more info, email: info@livehouseproject.com
or call Tim Chew at: 012 389 1832
I'll be playing a longer set than usual gigs including new songs from the upcoming album as well a Christmas special. So come to the show and hang out.

Come for these shows and support our local independent bands!


As I sit here typing this, I’m recalling the events of 2005 and realise how fast it’s coming to an end already. It’s amazing how the whole year just flew by. Where did all those days go?

It’s been an amazing year and there are no regrets. Musically, it’s such a journey. I’ve learnt so much through the course of recording and preparing for the album. It all started with practice, getting all the songs down with the band, making sure the backbone for the songs were strong and tight. Then it was preparation for the recording sessions, scheduling time with the engineer and the band. Once all that was locked in, it was just nailing tracks after tracks. It was no doubt a lot of hard work and effort. It got tiring at times, but it was always fulfilling. The thing is I knew all of the above way before heading into the project.

The difficult part started when it comes to sourcing for designers, figuring out a theme for the design of the album sleeves and the overall look of the album. Sourcing for printers and duplicators were added issues.

But all in all, I can say that it is a great experience. It’s more difficult being an independent musician compared to a signed artist when it comes to things like these, sorting out logistics. However, I’m more equipped now and I understand the entire process better. All things happen for a reason, that’s for sure.


2005 - Disarseter Records Presents Panic In The Peninsula

1. Lucy In The Loo - Each Other's Circle
2. Ben's Bitches - Girl From Ipoh
3. Frequency Cannon - Can You?
4. Broken Scar - Scratch
5. Soft Touch - Wishful Thinking
6. Beat The System - Bring It On
7. Auburn - Karya
8. Lied - Binky
9. 360 Degree Head Rotation - None
10. Jamie Woon - Robots
11. Azmyl Yunor - Makan Gaji
12. Az Samad - The C Factor
13. Eu Seng - Fang Niao Ji
14. Maharajah Commision - The Whole Year Inn
15. Furniture - Novus Ordo Seclorum

The Panic CD is out now. Feel free to email me at brokenscarmail@gmail.com if you would like to purchase a copy. The CD should be in stores soon. For more details, log on to:

Purchase a copy of this fantastic compilation featuring the above bands and artists. Support the Malaysian Independent Scene!

Currently Available at these music outlets
Joe's stall at Amcorp Mall (Saturdays & Sundays)

Backyard Pub (

Online Pub (map at
http://www.360dhr.com - venues)

Victoria Music Station (Sungai Wang and selected outlets)

Acoustic Music Station (Pertama Complex)

Auntie Shop (Campbell Complex)

Perfect Music (Campbell Complex)

Mighty Music (Pasar Seni)

Mail Order details at: http://www.disarseter.com

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