Data War

I was talking to Alvin Wong the other night about the recent data upgrade from my Internet service provider. It was quite an interesting turn of events really. This was what happened.

I rang my ISP up to check on my recent bill payment. It turns out the three invoices they sent me were wrong and after calculating in great detail, it still didn't make any sense. The only way to find out is to wait till the next invoice comes through, next month. My worry is though, that most of the time, I won't even look at the invoice in detail. I'd see the grand total and just pay it off. But now that I've gone into it in detail, I realise that if they make these small "mistakes" of overcharging a few dollars here and there, I wouldn't even know if I overpay each time!

Anyway, after sorting this out, I asked if I was eligible for an upgrade. It turns out I was eligible for a data quota increase! I would have preferred a discount on my monthly fee rather than a quota increase. These guys are pretty smart. At the end of the day, the increase does not affect their revenue and they know we won't use the extra quota anyway based on my usage that they've been tracking. The only way to make it worth it is to hit the quota every month. Now, how shall I do that?

I suppose this is their way to keep their existing customers happy while competing with other ISPs like Optus who is offering 120 GB for $50. My question is, would you really use 120 GB a month in a household?

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Super Woman

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore. That's what she's been known for, but wait, there's more.

Hayley on piano

Hayley on guitar

Hayley on bass

Hayley on drums.

What doesn't she play? Oh, and these are just the videos I found without spending too much time on. I can only imagine the many projects that she would have been involved in would be out there somewhere.

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The Limelight @ Miss Libertine. September 2010

Oh wow, what an awesome lineup last night at The Limelight @ Miss Libertine. It really helps when you are genuinely excited about something and if you believe in that special something, you just can't go wrong. That's me. I believe in The Limelight and all the artistes and that's why I am always so stoked about these acoustic shows. I get to see a myriad of performers from different backgrounds and musical styles strut their stuff on The Limelight stage on a monthly basis. It's always a big party!

Last night, we had The Take-Off to kick off the show. It was their first time stripping it down and playing an acoustic set as they are usually a full on energetic pop punk band. They closed their set with an awesome anthem, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song! It was so refreshing to hear it performed as an acoustic version. Very cool, boys!

Next up was Just For Kicks which took the levels down a few notches, allowing them to bring the crowd on an intimate journey. These guys have become regulars at FVE shows and we're loving them!

I Heart Cusack, who are the masterminds behind the 80 Gigs In 80 Days documentary took on the stage next. This was day 19 of 80 for them and they still have it, rocking out amazing original tunes!

I have to say, although I love everyone who played last night, Matt Collyer And Company (it was just Matt and Jay, minus their drummer for this set) was my favourite. I'm such a big fan of their work. I mean, they are so tight and the harmonies they sing are perfect! Check out Matt's MySpace here:

Tomoko, who has recently become a Limelight/Back 2 Basics regular took on the stage and delivered her soulful originals. Her trusty keyboard and powerful voice was all she needed to wow the crowd.

Last but not least, Kak And The Kicks, brand new to The Limelight took the stage and blew everyone away. It was also their first time performing live, in this type of set up. I reckon they did really well. Check out this video of theirs!

Tuesdays just got better with FVE around!

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Back 2 Basics @ Biero 14th Sept 2010

Joshua Pui playing to a full house

Joshua is a man with a heart of gold. He donated all his earnings from the night to charity!

This was possibly Clara Rhoden's last pub gig as she heads on a brand new journey of motherhood! Rock on Clara!

Sarah De Haan was delightful as usual. If you've been to previous The Limelight or Back 2 Basics shows, you would recognise this awesome songbird as she's become quite a regular at these shows.

The wonderful Josh Sperring sang his heart out to his amazing original tunes.

Last but not least, Matt Collyer played the last slot for the night and took me on a great musical journey. Matt and Jay, you guys are legends!

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Reggie Dabbs

Yesterday, I caught up with my neighbour from my childhood in the city. She was like an elder sister to me, growing up. It was quite funny because when I rang her, I asked for Chi Chi (big sister in hokkien) but her daughter had picked up the phone and asked, "oh, is that Kevin Ko Ko (big brother)?". It's funny how there was two generations between the 3 of us.

Anyway, they asked me to show them around Melbourne city and all of a sudden, I drew to a blank. I suddenly realised that I've become so used to Melbourne, I don't know what would appeal to a visitor anymore. It's either that or my interests are just different. Checking out different cafes and gig venues alone would make me happy. Any suggestions? What appeals to you in the city? To me it's the hidden lane ways, the music and the art.

I had to cut the catch up short as I dashed off to mix at Bridge Church. Reggie Dabbs did his thing and the band did their thing. It was great to mix louder than usual. The younger audience can take it. It was heaps of fun, but by the end of it, I was knackered from running back and forth the mixing desk and the stage. It is after all, a huge venue.


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West Side Story

I went to watch the matinee show of West Side Story last week at the Regent Theater in Melbourne and although I can't call myself a musical expert in any capacity, this was by far the worst production I've seen. From the get go, it felt like a cheap, low budget high school production. The set was unimpressive and the costumes screamed low budget. The actors weren't great either. It seemed like they couldn't lock in the accents for the roles and it felt really uneasy to watch. Worst of all was the chemistry between the actors. The lead actor and actress were playing lovers but it felt like they were playing brother and sister.

Like I said, I am no expert, but I couldn't help the way I felt about the production and that's what I got out of it, sheer disappointment. I felt like I was ripped off my $75 ticket. I mean, they were great seats, third row from the front. I wonder if the more expensive tickets received a better performance on other days. This really ruined my streak of great musical/theater productions that I've watched in Melbourne thus far.

I should have walked out and asked for a refund and use those good seats for a better production.
Oh well, I suppose I was bound to see a bad one sooner or later. I just couldn't believe it was West Side Story though and the fact that I paid $75 to watch a crap production of a great musical. Such a shame.

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Art For The Masses

I was driving along Wellington Street when the wife noticed this when we pulled up at the lights. I just felt the need to whip out the phone to snap this. How cool is that?

On another note, if you're in Melbourne, you would have heard of the plans to change the rules and regulations for busking in the city. Here's a blurb I got from the "
Don't Kill Melbourne Busking" Facebook page. Please have a read and comment on the website. Let's do our part to keep Melbourne's art scene alive!

Don't Kill Melbourne Busking

Melbourne's legendary busking scene is under serious threat.

At the moment, the permit system for buskers strikes a balance between the need for some regulation, and the obvious cultural and democratic importance of encouraging free artistic expression.

A new policy is being proposed however, which seriously restricts the rights of buskers and their ability to make any money from their artistic expression.

"Highlights" of the new policy include:

1. Forcing buskers to audition for a permit. City of Melbourne bureaucrats acting as cultural arbiters.

2. Hitting buskers with a $200.00 annual fee for the "privilege" of SELLING THEIR CD'S!

3. After 12 months, hitting buskers with ANOTHER fee of $50.00 just to audition again, and to have access to what is already public space...

4. Restricting set times to 30 mins and total performance time to 2 hours per day, irrespective of whether the busker has made enough in that time to eat or pay the gas bill...

5. Allowing only "professional buskers" to play in Bourke St. Mall. Presumably this would exclude local band Bonjah (who made their start busking) as well as clearly untalented and unsuccessful acts as Simon & Garfunkel (who also started their career busking), and indeed other "non-professional buskers" such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder etc.

This policy is a complete joke, but if it it is enacted, it will no longer be a very funny one. The last few years has seen a steady erosion of the Melbourne public's right to use public, common spaces for genuine, spontaneous expressions of street culture. It started by persecuting cyclists, and is now becoming a comprehensive attack.

The full war plan is available at:

and you can have your say at:

If you believe in the right of artists to make a living from what they do, if you believe in the right of the public to public space, if you believe in freedom of artistic and cultural expression, fight this ridiculous policy before Melbourne's vibrant busking scene becomes a collective memory... (read less)


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Choo Choo

I'm sure all of us would have wanted a train set once upon a time in our childhood but this is beyond my imagination. According to the site, this four minute video wouldn't even begin to show off how great this exhibit is and even after spending an entire day there, people still come back the next day. I want to go! Things like these keep the kid in me alive! As you can see, I am postponing my growing up as much as possible.

Click HERE to read all about it.


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The Stripes!

Celebrating Merdeka Day (Malaysian Independence Day) at Back 2 Basics @ Biero.

"ooo, what's that in the air?", gets distracted.

The latest Winter/Spring 2010 line by Kevin Broken Scar and Dianne Lim! Everybody do the red/white stripes! It turns out, having a Malaysian flag in Dianne's boot came in handy after six years after all!

Photos courtesy of Dianne.

We had a great time playing, as always but the best part was celebrating Merdeka with some of the most awesome people in Melbourne that night. I mean, we were sitting back stage and were blown away by Mia Palencia, during her awesome set. It was great night of amazing music and talent. Great to be surrounded by just that. So if you missed out, don't fret. Back 2 Basics @ Biero is now held every fortnightly on Tuesdays! Woot!

To everyone who came out to support Broken Scar, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Kev, Tjin & Danny


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