Sabbath Monday

This is the third Monday in a row that I've felt as though Mondays are like my Sundays. Since, Sunday seems to be the longest day of my week, Monday has officially become my rest day. I think I am awake for the longest part of a 24 hour day on Sundays compared to any other day. Okay, that sounds confusing.

Anyway, the band has been rehearsing consistently and it's coming along nicely. A few more rehearsals to go before the big debut at The Curtin Bandroom. We had a rehearsal yesterday and it felt good.

I've also made it a point to get into some form of routine sports and badminton on Sundays seem to have captured me. I know, that seems like such an uncle's game and it's not quite rock & roll, but I need the exercise man! I've been trying to go as often as possible just to hang out with friends and get a workout without having to think of it. It's nice to just enjoy the game. I am paying for it now though. My whole body's aching and I think that's why I've been cranky all day. It's the price you have to pay to stay healthy hey?

I have to admit, I never loved sports. I played in school and I wasn't too bad actually. I played basketball and volleyball. I even won a gold medal for volleyball but somehow, towards the end of high school, I realised that I loved music more than I will ever love sports when I injured my wrist in a volleyball game. That was the day I gave up sports. I'd much prefer to rock out. Thank you very much.

The doctor asked me how much I loved playing guitar and I said that I could not live without playing. Then he said, "Going through surgery as you know is always 50/50. You either come out having your wrist playing as a gem or you may never play guitar again. You decide." I chose the obvious. I chose to skip surgery and rested my wrist to see if there was a sign of improvement. After a few months, there wasn't any improvement. So, I decided to rehab it immediately and continued playing. I couldn't play as well as I used to and I'd get stuck with certain chord positions and chord changes but I soldiered on.

For years, I endured the pain every time I play. It still hurts till today but the pain is definitely worth it. I mean, with my limitation, I ended up playing the guitar the way I do and writing my music the way I do which ultimately led to having my own "sound". I love it!

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