Rock. Rock. Hip Hop.

Three nights back to back, three quite different mixing gigs. I went from mixing four rock bands in the smallest room of the three, to mixing an industrial rock band in the biggest room of the three, to finally mixing four hip hop acts in a mid sized room.

The four rock bands in the small room, no problem. Done that heaps of times, just that I haven't done that small room in a while, which was really refreshing. It's all about perspective. Never despise the humble roots.

The industrial rock band in the big room, no problem. Worked with the band before and also mixed in that room before. Only haven't mixed in the room in a while.

Four hip hop acts in the room that I know pretty well, now that was where things got interesting. I tell myself to never take things for granted and to never take it easy. Treat each job as if it is the first and last, as if my life depended on it. What more, stepping out of the rock scene which I am so familiar with, into a totally different genre? I couldn't help but feel that I was the only one not in baggy pants!

All in all, the three nights went down really well and I was stoked!

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