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Jan 3 2008
No Black Tie
Kuala Lumpur
Doppelganger featuring: Broken Scar, Shelley Leong, Az Samad, Hannah and Nell and Open Mic, hosted by Jasmine Low.

12 Jan 2008
7:00 P
One Cafe
Kuala Lumpur
Indie Saturday Showdown, featuring: Inverted Coma, Infiltrated, Nymphomine, Triple Six Posers, Y2K, Knowa and Broken Scar.

Jan 27 2008
Kuala Lumpur
KLPAC Open Day featuring: Kevin Broken Scar, Tracy Wong, Tony Leo, Sei Hon, Peter Brown & Markiza.
Feb 1 2008
Jam Asia
Kuala Lumpur
Featuring Wu Feng Ling, Broken Scar, Qings & Kueens and Stonebay.
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Things don’t always go as planned. It’s definitely nothing new. But the optimist in me says that things can go better, if they are planned better, but what’s a holiday if there’s too much planning involved right?

Anyway, the year end is always filled with festivities and activities. The whole running around is wearing me thin a little bit. It’s kinda hard to juggle everything, family, friends, music, gigs and the works. I mean, there are so many individuals, within each cluster and it’s close to impossible to organise meetings with everyone unless you have a personal assistant to manage your schedule. But I guess making the best of every situation and opportunity, and living in the moment is the way to go.

I am glad that I was able to catch up with heaps of friends within the first two weeks of my return. Although two months seem like a long time, there isn’t all that much time. So to all my friends, I look forward to catching up with you real soon!

As far as family is concerned, I am glad I get to spend quality time with them. I know it sounds geeky but I am a family man. Call me a loser for choosing family over anything else but that’s just at the top of my list at the moment. I mean, I only get to be with them once a year. I’ve missed them all year long. There is urgency.

Okay, it’s time to run now. I’ve got a huge list of things to do so I better get cracking at it.

P/S: I’ll be uploading more pictures soon. Heaps more to come.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I guess I'm a little late for a Christmas wish. So I better get my act together and wish you guys anyway. To those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone! To the rest, Happy Holidays! Hope you are having a great time during this season. I'm having a blast!
...and before I get carried away, I may as well wish you a very happy New Year while I'm at it. May 2008 be an awesome year for all of you. Take it easy! God bless!
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It’s been pretty hectic over the last few days. The flu has been quite resilient despite the constant intake of medication. I think it’s the classic case of lacking proper rest. There’s just so much to do and no flu was going to stop me. The running around keeps me going and I feel productive. If I could multitask more efficiently, I would. It gets a little challenging when everything happens too fast though. For example, I started my shopping early today, something that I would not normally do. I was at One Utama by 1030am. I felt that I walked a lot but I didn’t manage to get everything I needed. Before I knew it, my legs were killing me, it got too crowded and it was clearly time to head back.

The sudden change of routine also meant that I’ve changed routes. My computer usage for example has changed dramatically. Since I got back, I’ve been on a PC and two different laptops. This meant I had to adjust to three different keyboards! Arrghh! It also gets frustrating when everything is everywhere. “Did I save this file in the PC? Which laptop is it in?” No, I am not spoilt for choice. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I have to use whatever that is available. That’s more like it.

I’ve got my portable hard disk with me, which is normally fine, but it also gets tough, with USB situations. Insufficient ports? The works. To complicate things, I’ve got two portable hard disks now, one self powered and the other one dependent on a power source. All this, in the name of backup!

So it brings me down to this. The whole mad computer situation has inspired this little blog post, which I guess is the cause of all the madness anyway. No computer, no blog.

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Happy Days

It’s been an incredible week and it’s amazing how easily the blog can be neglected. I felt like I’ve done heaps in a short span of time and I’m pretty stoked.

In my previous updates post, I stopped at Monday. Let’s continue from there, provided my memory serves me well, shall we?

Rehearsals with the band. We had Daniel from Edge Of Fire on board with us for the first time and it was cool as he brought in the metal influence in his guitar playing. We also had the usual suspects, Alda on bass and Alex on drums.

Rehearsals with the band. This time, we had to rehearse without Alda as he was flat out sick due to food poisoning and had to stay in bed to recover.

Rehearsing with the band

Press conference at Zouk, KL. The press conference was heaps of fun as I got to hang out with Kat De Luna and Sky Nellor. The girls were uber hot and I felt like the luckiest man on earth when it came time to take group pictures with the press. I wish I had my camera with me though. Serena C was emceeing the press conference and it was a good time hanging out with her too. It’s been a while. We’ve worked together at ASTRO and she has interviewed us but we never really hung out, so this was a good time. Just chilled. The Hennessy people were there, the PR reps were there, the event management reps were there and the press members were there. It was a big party.

Radio interview with Xfresh FM at AMP Radio Networks, Bukit Jalil. Interviews on Xfresh have always been a crazy experience. Adi did the interview and boy, I should get a copy of the interview so that you could listen to what I was put through that night. Thanks Mary Ann and Selene for putting all these together.

Hanging out with Adi @ Xfresh FM's studio

Press interview with NewMan Magazine. Thanks Wern Shen for the interview, it was a blast!

Press interview with Malay Mail. Thanks Ainne for the interview, I’m glad you enjoyed the CD!

Sound check at Zouk. It took quite a while to sort out the feedback issues because clearly, the room had very limited space for proper PA placement. Paul, the engineer however, is a legend! He managed to sort it out and make everything sound good, despite the little set back. We were happy by the end of sound check. After sound check, we just headed off to Alda’s to chill and to grab something to eat. Paul continued to tweak the system and by the time we got back to the show, it was sounding great!

Sound check 1...2...

Show time at Zouk.
I am stoked that the gig went great! We had heaps of our friends and fans show up and it meant the world to me. We had some of our close friends hang out with us in the dressing room as well and it was a rad party. Alda was feeling much better. Alex and I were ready to wreck the stage. So we went up, did our thing and rocked out. The crowd stayed away from the dance floor, but they were still freaking awesome! Thanks guys!

The band, featuring Daniel on lead guitar

Alex deservers a close up solo shot. Drummers always get left out of pictures, don't they?

Party at Zouk, Mainroom and Loft.
After our set, the rest of the time was spent catching up with friends both in the Mainroom, up at Loft, outside and at the VIP area. We had all the four Hennessy cocktails and my favourite was the Shanghai and the Miami, came as a close second. Thanks heaps to Hennessy, Bright Box, Riche Monde and everyone that made this awesome event happen and for having us!

"What? Who? I don't know"

Day Off. Need I say more? After all that mad running around (there was heaps of traveling involved. I travelled over 1000km in one week), we all needed a rest.

Figure Eight. Performed for the Figure Eight event organised by Junk Magazine and Nokia at the Annexe, Central Market, KL. Now this crowd wasn’t afraid to come right up to the stage! We had a great time playing here and the vibe at this place was just so indie, it was awesome. The best part was hanging out with our old friends in the scene. One Buck Short, Qings & Kueens and Brainhead were all there.

Besides music, there were t-shirts, CDs and heaps of artsy things on sale at this event. Support indie artists yo!

New band shots taken at The Annexe. From L-R: Alda Tan, Kevin, Alex Ang

Shopping at KLCC. Yes, even men need to shop.

Knocked out.

Catch up on me blog.

To everyone who came to our shows last week, be it at No Black Tie, Zouk or The Annexe, thank you very much for coming down and haning out with us. It's been happy days and there's more to come, so stay tuned!

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Live @ Zouk KL

Click on flyer to enlarge.

Hey boys and girls, come party with us this Friday at Zouk, Mainroom at 10pm.
Click Here for the press release in the Star.

Details below:

Hennessy Artistry featuring Kat DeLuna, Sky Nellor and Broken Scar
What is it?
For one night only, don't forget to check this party out as it will offer a great mix of music for everyone. Kat DeLuna is the singer of the year's summer smash - "Whine Up" and this will be her first time in KL. Sky Nellor on the other hand is an Australian model turned DJ who spins at the best parties in Hollywood. While homegrown band Broken Scar will be there to rock you away with their brand of pop-rock.

113 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact No : 03-2171 1997
Train : Bukit Nanas (Monorail)/Dang Wangi (Putra)

14 December 9.00pm

RM35 (guys, inclusive of 1 drink), RM30 (ladies, inclusive of 1 drink), admission is free for ladies before 12am

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It's been pretty crazy since I landed home. I've been out so much, the days actually feel long, not in a bad way, but it feels like I've done a lot and I've fully maxed out my hours. I've got to get some shut eye though.
So here's a short run down of what I've been up to.
Thursday night was spent at Palette Palette (I think that's how you spell it).
Friday saw me catching up with friends and family. Hung out with Alda that night too.
Saturday was party night at Zouk.
Sunday was spent at church in the morning, a BBQ in the evening and rehearsals at night, which ended in the wee hours of the morning. Then, it got interesting. Alda and I went to hang out with some of the boys from My Chemical Romance, and our friends Pop Shuvit and Rahul from One Buck Short.
Then, tonight, I played at No Black Tie for the Junk Fortnight event. It was a full house. Freaking awesome! So glad to be playing back home again! All the acts were spot on! It's such a privilege to share the stage with these great talent! Shelley, Paulo, Warren, Reza and Najwa, you guys blew the roof off NBT! Once again, thanks Reza, No Black Tie and Junk Magazine!
It's been real good catching up with friends and meeting new people as well. So, what's left now? Some sleep perhaps.
Till the next time. Goodnight.
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It's Show Time!

A gig to cure the Monday-itis!
Warren Chan (Ferns)
Sara Lo
Reza Salleh
Paolo Delfino
Broken Scar
date: 10 Dec 2007
time: 930PM
venue: No Black Tie, 17, Lorg Mesui, Jln Nagasari Off Jln Raja Chulan, KL (beside Palate Palette)
admission: RM10
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The Red Has Landed

Okay, so the in-flight entertainment system was down for the entire eight hours of my flight from Melbourne to KL. I couldn't sleep and there was pretty much nothing to do. It was a small plane, a Boeing 777 and it was a little cramped. What do I do?

An eight-hour plane ride, without the entertainment system, breathing recycled air can drive one crazy if they don't do something. Thankfully for me, I made friends with the person sitting next to me. So between trying real hard to sleep and listening to music on my mp3 player, I had really nice conversations with my new found friend. A potential plane-ride disaster turned out pleasant after all.

It also kept my mind off my not-so-pleasant experience at the Melbourne airport when I checked in. I thought I did really well with my luggage. I only had to check in one small suitcase which was around 15kg when I had an allowance of 30kg. I had my guitar and backpack which I intended to bring onboard with me but the guy didn’t let me do so. He insisted that I checked in my guitar. I was like, “what? How can I check in my guitar? It doesn’t even have a hard case and it’s an acoustic. It’ll arrive in 2 pieces!” I mean, what’s the problem? All of my luggage combined won’t even come anywhere near 30kg!

I tried to persuade the dude to let me bring my guitar on board with me, but it was declined. Then I was tempted to bring it up anyway and see what happens, but knowing me, I played by the rules and checked it into the oversized baggage area instead. There, I met an old dude who was in charge and we had this conversation.

Me: Good afternoon, how’s it goin mate?
Old Dude: Good. (Grumpily)
Me: So, do you reckon it’s safe to check my guitar in although there is no hard case? You reckon it’ll arrive in one piece?
Old Dude: Yeah, we get hundreds of these each day. (Repeated a few more times)
Me: Yeah, I’ll take your word for it then. As long as it doesn’t arrive in two pieces, I’ll be fine.
Old Dude: Well, it’s just a risk we have to take, isn’t it?

Man! After handing my guitar over to him, I just had to shut it out of my head. I was prepared to be on the receiving end of a ten-piece firewood set.

So when I arrived in KLIA, I took my own sweet time and checked out the duty free shops, just trying to prolong the time before I had to come to terms with reality. But the moment of truth came. When I walked towards the carousel, I spotted my suitcase. But where was my guitar? I looked around and spotted it lying on the floor. I picked it up and I think I felt that there were moving parts inside the case. In my heart, I thought, “Yea, this is it. It’s plywood now”. But it must have been my paranoia because it was all good! Well, except for the output jack which was a little loose but otherwise, all in one piece. Phew!

Fast forward. I got home, took some time to adjust to my surroundings. I mean, I have been away for a year already. Things changed. I couldn’t sleep much and it was very likely due to the time difference and my body clock was still operating on Melbourne time.

It’s been good so far. I had my dose of mee goreng, roti nan, the tarik and some awesome home cooked food!

I can foresee a very busy few weeks ahead. I wanted to keep myself busy when I got back and I think I’ve done it for myself this time. Starting from this weekend, I’ll be having rehearsals, gigs and interviews while trying to catch up with all my friends! I've hit the ground running.
I will be updating my blog as much as I can! Cheers!
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Shows In KL

Hey boys and girls, here are some shows lined up for when I return to the mother land! I'm just a few days away from home and I can't wait to be back. Hope to see you guys at the shows.
Upcoming Shows (view all)

10 Dec 2007
8:00 PM
No Black Tie
Kuala Lumpur

14 Dec 2007
10:00 PM
Zouk KL
Kuala Lumpur

16 Dec 2007
1:00 PM
Central Market Annexe
Kuala Lumpur

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I need an outlet to breathe. This is my little outlet. I remember hearing from somewhere, that there's this thing where people suffer from switching between extreme highs and extreme lows very quickly. I wonder if that's happening to me. I wish I could draw because I've got such a vivid picture of how I'm feeling right now and there's no way to put it down on paper.
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Royal Botanic Gardens

I think my blog is turning into a macam-macam (miscellaneous) blog. It looks like there's a mixture of all kinds of stuff and it's no longer just music-centric. Whatever goes I guess. It's kinda nice to colour up the blog with some greens and yellows anyway.
These pictures below were taken at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.

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