Sing Sing HQ

Here are more pictures from my excursion. This was from Sing Sing's HQ. Award winning, Paul McKercher (Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy, You Am I, Spiderbait, Augie March) mixed the tracks.

I didn't take any photos at Jack The Bear's Deluxe Mastering studio. I guess you could Google him and look it up if you like.

SSL K Series

This studio had heaps of vintage gear, most of them not in the market anymore.

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Sound Marathon

I was Mr. Split Personality today. The first half of the day I was Mr. Live Sound, mixing at church for Colin Buchanan, an Australian Christian artist who produces popular children's albums. He is also a regular presenter on Play School Australia as well as Playhouse Disney. It was heaps of fun and I had a blast mixing. There were about 500 kids in the two sessions and they screamed real loud!
The second half of the day, I morphed into Mr. Studio Engineer, recording the amazing singer-songwriter, Leon Wilks. We didn't get as much done this session compared to the previous one but we still got really good guitar takes. All in all, it was a long 14 hour audio day but it was all good. I feel like I've achieved a lot today. This means I could sleep well tonight.
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Sing Sing South

Two weeks ago my class went on an excursion. It's not the usual excursion where you just watch stuff. This is the real deal. We went to three leading studios in Melbourne to observe the recording, mixing and mastering processes in the real world. Let's take a trip!

First up, we went to Sing Sing South to record the band. Black Level Embassy was our band and Matt Voigt (Kiss, The Killers, The Blackeyed Peas, The Dirty Three, Cat Power, The Living End, Powderfinger, Augie March) was the recording engineer.

The good ol' Marshall stack

You know what they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

There's a little console behind the drum kit, near the right floor tom. That's the headphone mixer. Each musician gets a split of all the signals and they could make their own mix for their headphones.

Matt wiring up the patch bay

Here's a good "before" picture of the patchbay. The "after" coming up...

Do not let the looks of this console fool you. It's a custom Neve.

The red light is on

The "after" patchbay picture

Matt doing his thang!

Andres, Damo, Anj & me

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I just went to see Funeral For A Friend and I'm freakin stoked!!! They played a killer spot on set!!! Matt, the singer had like a really bad throat infection, making his voice all hoarse and husky, but he still nailed the set and gave it his best. I can only imagine how much better it could have been if his voice was in perfect condition. With his bad throat, he already did so freakin awesome!!It's one of the better gigs that I've been to lately. Throughly enjoyed myself singing to the tracks I'm oh, so familiar to, especially the old stuff. I used to listen to them in my car everyday for an entire year!

The next gig to look forward to is Paramore and Mayday Parade! That will definitely blow the roof off!!!

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Switchfoot @ Richmond AOG Auditorium



Would you believe me if I say that this gig was in a church? Well, if you don't, you're still gonna have to because it did happen. This gig was held last night at Richmond AOG, the church that I go to and I had the privilege to go for free.
From afar, the singer from Switchfoot kinda looks like John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls. It was a pretty good gig besides the fact that I felt real sick. I think it was because of the tram ride and the exhaustion that made me feel nauseous the whole night.
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My Melbourne: Southbank

Motion captured in time. I think this is my favourite picture that I've taken.
I don't think I need captions on the rest of the pictures as they speak for themselves. The pictures were taken at Southbank on a very fine day. I loved the blue sky that day. It was simply breath taking. It was just a good time hanging out and being spontaneous, soaking up the rays of the sun.
As the fate of all my pictures are at stake, I thought I'd make more memories and take more pictures and put them up here. At least they are stored somewhere else other than my poor little hard disk.
I'm thinking of starting up another blog dedicated to the sights and sounds of Melbourne. What say you? Or should I just stick to this one and put everything up here?

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It's A New Day

Today is a brand new day. I'm slowly starting to get my grip again.
The last few weeks has been tormenting. At first, I struggled with my hard disk running out of space. As if that wasn't a big issue enough, it burnt eventually. It literally burnt. The controller chip burnt and along with it, my years of work, photos and videos of memories are now inaccessible. I was in panic mode. If you're thinking why I didn't back up the data, it's because I didn't have the capacity of backing up 200GBs of data at the time.
But I believe, when there is crisis, there is always hope. Although my hard disk is not fixed yet, I can honestly say, that through this time, I've learnt that there are heaps of kind people around me, that has been offering to help out in every way possible. They expressed concern for me emotionally as well as offered practical help, all which I greatly appreciate. Thanks to the lovely people around me, I'm getting my grip.
So right now, the disk will be travelling back to Malaysia to see a data recovery doctor. They say that even if the data is recovered, it will not be a 100% recovery. The chances are 80% to 85%, which is still very good odds. However, there is also a risk that the entire hard disk will be physically damaged that nothing can be recovered. Fingers crossed, I'm hoping for the best.
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