Hartamas Gig

Broken Scar will be performing live at:

Venue: Hartamas Square
Date: 4th August 2005 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm

Performers: Soft Touch, Flatline, Broken Scar

Do drop by as Broken Scar will be taking a 1.5 months break after this performance.

Hope to see you there.

The Artistic Series

Dear All,

You MUST go for this gig. It is one of a kind and definitely going to be a mind-blower. Unfortunately, yours truly won't be able to make it so I'm asking all of you to go on my behalf, just like how I asked a certain someone to go to the Taste Of Chaos Tour on my behalf.

Stellar Entertainment is Alda's (Cosmic Funk Express) and Rahul's(One Buck Short) company. Do lend a hand and support the effort and hard work these guys have put into the Malaysian music scene.

The details are below:

Stellar Entertainment Presents


The Artistic Series is a series of gigs that aims to highlight the individual talent of various local musicians focusing on three main instruments, the guitar, the bass and the drums. The series will bring together top-performing musicians in different fields to display their contribution to their bands as well as their ventures as solo artistes. The show also aims to garner attention from the public and the music industry’s heavyweights to the featured musicians.

Theme: The Fret board Menace
Date: 26th August 2005
Venue: KL JamAsia, No. 19-1, Jalan 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas.
Time: 8PM onwards
Cover: RM15+Free Drink, First 20 Females get in free,
Bands: Az Samad, Cosmic Funk Express, Deja Voodoo Spells

Stay to the end to see Zack,Az and Rithan jam G3 Style!

Recording: Day Eleven

...Punk Rock 101. Alda Rockin Out, Punk Rock Style

...Trying Out The OLP

...In 3...2...1....

Bass Mania


The final day of the three day stretch of recording. Boy was it tiring but it was surely worth it.

Alda did all three tracks all by himself without me on guide guitars. I felt like a producer just chilling out and listening to the takes one at a time.

Now that the bass and drum tracks are done, the next steps would be to do the guitars. I can't wait to go in to the studio.

Recording: Day Ten


The Beautiful Drumset Kim Borrowed From A Friend

The Man Behind The Set

Is He Having A Good Time Or What?

...Double Pedal Feet...

The Torn Drum Skin

Drama, anyone?

Let me cut the long story short and not exaggerate.

We started by setting up the drum set, tuned up, miked up and soundchecked. All was good. The drum set sounded fantastic.

It was 10:30 pm, so we did a few takes for the first song and proceeded to the second one. At the last take of the second song, guess what? The kick drum skin tore. Honestly, I panicked. But Manshaan calmly patched the skin with masking tape, some tissue paper and added gaffer tape. All that tape did the job.

We then continued with the final song and called it a night at 1 am.

So basically, the torn skin did not stop us from going on and Manshaan managed to nail all three tracks.

Note: This post is dated 26 July although I'm typing it on 28 July. This is to remind myself of the actual recording dates.

Recording: Day Nine

...Guitar Day

Today was scheduled for recording drums, but due to unforseen circumstances, we had to postpone it to tomorrow.

In the mean time, I went in to record the acoustic guitar tracks for three songs that are meant to be just the acoustic guitar and vocals.

All in all, the recording came out pretty productive but not all the three tracks are finalised as there are vocal tracks to do and additional guitar overdubs later on.

We managed to get the framework done for The Happy Song, Star and Midnight In St. Kilda (Instrumental).

Troubadours 17th July

Here are some pictures from the Troubadours last night. Thanks to Tania for taking the pictures.

From Left To Right: Zalila Lee, Broken Scar, Alda, Shelley Leong

Broken Scar On "Hey You"

I love La Bodega. There's just this vibe that is cozy and warm. The sound was fantastic and the company was great.

It felt like a house gathering for musicians, friends and music lovers.

I just want to thank Shelley, Alda and Zal for playing with me. Having other musicians chipping in on various instruments really enhances a song and takes it to another level.

The arrangement of the performance was unique. Three open mic performers performs two songs each before the main acts. Then the main acts will play one set each. During the break, more open mic performers take on the stage. The second round from the main acts resumed after that. Lastly, it was open mic again.

All in all, I performed three songs, Scratch and Hey You during the first open mic round and Clocks which was a new song I've been working on with the band, during the final open mic round. I've never performed the Clocks before and it was the very first time here at the Troubadours. I was tuning the guitar to accommodate the alternate tuning for this song before I went up and I broke the third string. I tried to play it with five strings anyway and it worked.

This is definitely one of the most memorable gigs to date, thanks to the amazing audience, friends and the entire singer-songwriter family.

Songwriters' Round #18

The weekend once again was very eventful and interesting especially if it is music related.

It all started on Friday night. It was Pete Teo’s Songwriters’ Round #18. I had emailed Pete about a week before the event asking whether it was okay if I could play at his open mike. I thought it would be more courteous to ask in advance rather than just showing up like that. His reply was, “Sure Kev”.

I arrived at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall at around 10pm and it was still raining cats and dogs. It didn’t seem like anything was happening near the stage area so I asked one of the waiters whether the gig was on. Then I met up with Pete, Shelley and Az, just chilling with a couple of friends.

It finally started at about 10:45pm. Everyone was fantastic! Shelley and Az were amazing as usual, Reza definitely melted many hearts away and Albert & Edwin had such great Chinese pop tunes intertwined with some English phrases here and there. I personally liked the tribute to The Beatles.

Anyway, then came my turn to play at open mic. I was so nervous as I didn’t quite feel comfortable and at home here in Alexis. I played Scratch and Hey You. Time passed pretty quickly and before I knew it, it was over. All is good as the feedback was pretty positive.

Gotta wait for Vig for the pictures he took.

Broken Scar Single Sneak Preview

Broken Scar has finally uploaded a demo version of the up-coming single, "Scratch" as a sneak preview for your listening pleasure.

Log on to:

It is currently available for streaming.

Feel free to drop me a line, either here
or an email (brokenscarmail@gmail.com)

Hope to hear some feedback from you.

Thank you.

Gig Updates!


JamAsia Gig is CANCELLED
The JamAsia Gig which was previously scheduled to be on 16 July 2005 has been cancelled.


1. Songwriters' Round #18
Date: 15 July 2005 (Friday)
Venue: Alexis, Great Eastern Mall, 303 Jln Ampang
Time: 10pm onwards
Featuring Shelley Leong, Az Samad, Reza, Albert&Edwin
Free Admission
Broken Scar for open mic
Bookings recommended : call 03 4260 2288

2. Troubadours
Date: 17 July 2005 (Sunday)

Venue: La Bodega, Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang
Time: 730pm.
Free Admission
Broken Scar for open mic

Weekend Gigs

Upcoming Gigs In July 2005

Songwriters’ Round 18
Date: 15 July 2005 (Friday)
Venue: Alexis, Great Eastern Mall
Time: 10.15pm onwards
Broken Scar for open mic


JamAsia Gig (Postponed Till Further Notice)
Date: Postponed Till Further Notice
Venue: JamAsia Sri Hartamas
Time: TBC
Broken Scar as a full band

Date: 17 July 2005 (Sunday)
Venue: La Bodega, Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang
Time: 730pm. Free Admission
Broken Scar for open mic



"real people, real music"

Shelley Leong

Plus Broken Scar and many others on open mic

Sunday, July 17, 7:30 pm
at La Bodega KLTengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang

All night Happy Hour and Special Menu



JamTank.com In KLue Issue 81 July 05

Special thanks to Abby from KLue for the picture

"KLue celebrates music—our music. We present the top 10 albums, 24 best songs, and offer our appreciation to some of the most important people in the Malaysian music scene"...www.klue.com.my

As part of the music issue, KLue magazine features an article appreciating the people in the Malaysian music scene and have included the faces behind JamTank.com in the July 05 issue.

On behalf of everyone at JamTank, I would like to thank KLue for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this feature.

The picture above was one of the many shots that were taken that did not make it on the magazine. I must say, the pictures turned out beautiful with that touch of nostalgia.

Once again, thanks to Abby for the pictures and to the fantastic photographers at Studio Pashe.

Please purchase yourself a copy of the latest KLue magazine and read all about it. Alternatively, you could also log on to, www.klue.com.my

Support our local music scene!

A little background on JamTank.com

When was it launched?

JamTank had a beta version running in the fourth week of September in 2002 and officially rolled out the forums on October 1st, 2002. Meng was roped in to do the design for the webfront, which was launched a month after that.

Where did you come up with the idea for JamTank? Why did you decide to start it?

This is one of the ways that we could contribute to the scene. Each member is contributing in his own way, based on the respective capabilities of each individual. As always, the sum is greater than its parts. Teamwork is the key.

We have always wanted a key focal point for our scene; JamTank is working towards being that focal point.

What's the idea behind JamTank? What are you trying to achieve?

There were already many other Malaysian indie music fansites offering articles, reviews and downloads – in this respect there was no reason to create a similar, cookie-cutter website. JamTank is differentiated because of its focus on building an online community via the forums, something that other sites perhaps had inadequately addressed.

We have since augmented the forums with content ranging from free music to gig and CD reviews – however, we would still be focused on delivering JamTank’s core offering – the community.

Log on to www.jamtank.com now and sign up to be a member. Membership is free of charge.

- Interview with Khai Yin (founder of JamTank) taken from Dragon Magazine

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