Carl Riseley Live @ Bennetts Lane

This one's for the ladies. All posed.

Watching Carl live was surreal. I mean, I watched him on TV twice a week during Idol and he's become sort of part of my life. It's awesome!

The gig was sold out too and not only did I get to meet one star today, I got to meet two! The other dude was John Foreman, the legendary Australian composer/arranger/producer! He got up on stage to played the piano on two songs with the band. It was brilliant! Will upload the videos soon.

Go Carl!
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One Of Those Days

The days are getting shorter in Melbourne these days. It gets dark really early and somehow my sleep has been warped again. Plus, I work nights. It's back to the whole, "sleep in the day, work/gig when the sun goes down" routine.

Work started off awesome tonight. I set up the PA system for a gig and everything was perfectly in place. The only problem though was that we couldn't make any noise till half an hour before doors open. This means we only get half an hour to do a sound check. Half an hour is enough time, provided the entire system runs smoothly, but if the system stuffs up, we would have to trouble shoot all within this small time frame and today, the system decided to stuff up.

Thank God that the bands brought their own mixing engineer which meant I could do all the trouble shooting with him. Two heads are better than one and in this case it was four hands are better than two.

In the end, everything was solved but it wasn't back to 100%. There was something wrong with the system which we will have to check fully, another day. Overall, the show was still good and it was just a minor set back. Phew.


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Bright Stars

The Bright Star Alliance

These guys happen to be one of my favourite bands and the best part is that I get the privilege to mix them and play a little part in their shows, giving them good monitor and Front Of House mixes. Great dudes to hang out with too.

The mix in the video wasn't me though. I have yet to record a show of theirs with me on the mix. It's coming soon.
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Aural Window

Firstly, thanks a million to Sheena, Aki, Aural Window, Bloodpuppies Entertainment and Pony for putting Broken Scar on the bill! Cheers heaps!

Huge thanks also to everyone who came out early to see me play! You guys are legends! Appreciate you guys coming up to the front, making it very intimate and cosy. Thanks for clapping and singing along! The lights the blinding on the stage, but I know I saw many of you mouthing every word to my songs! That is simply awesome. It's the best gift ever!

I had a blast playing all those songs although it was a solo acoustic set. It was a great time hanging out with you and talking to all of you. Do drop me a note if any of you happen to read this post. This one's dedicated to YOU!

I've uploaded some videos from the night just to relive the moment a little bit! Cheers heaps!

Until I Fall

Hey You. Lainey Lashes. Here you go, the most updated version.

Down. This video was chopped up a bit which explains the skip from the second verse to the bridge. Well, the bridge was the best part anyway!

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STICKY: Broken Scar Live @ Pony, Melbourne

Hey boys and girls in Melbourne, I hope you had a great weekend and a great start to the new week.

I'll be playing another solo acoustic set this Friday at Pony. Details:

Venue: Pony. ( 68 Little Collins Street Melbourne CBD. Corner Little Collins/Exhibition Streets)
Date: 23 May 2008 (Friday)
Door Open at: 9pm
Entry: $10 (Just rock up to Pony and pay at the door)
Pony's Website:

I'll be opening the night and I'll be playing a 40 minute set! There will be three other bands too and they are awesome bands. Stoked that I get to share the stage with these bands!

Please help me spread the word and get as many people to come to this show if possible. It'll be a party!

Thanks heaps.


P/S: Links to the other bands if you'd like to check them out.

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Malaysian Artistes For Unity

free download

Pete Teo is a genius! Check out the video above. I think this is such an awesome project and I'm doing my part to spread the word. Please help spread the word by posting this video on your blog or emailing the link to your friends.

You could also download a higher resolution of the video and the mp3 as well on the official website.

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Post Evolution

Hanging out with the bunch that made the night awesome!

That's what the long hair is for!

A glimpse of the crowd

It was an awesome night at Evolution on Saturday! Heaps of people came and I got to hang out with some of my best mates from all over the world. Thank you guys for making Unplugged a blast! You guys rule!

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Wow, will you look at that. It's freezing today. Perfect day to hide under the covers and hibernate.

Just a short reminder that the Unplugged @ Revolution gig is on tonight. See you there!
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Canberra In Pictures

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Canberra. There isn't much. Well, because it was only a day trip. Would have loved to see the War Memorial though. Maybe next time hey?

I always love the view from the plane regardless if it's in the day or night. There's just something about having a bird's eye view, being able to see a bigger picture.

Our lovely Malaysian High Commission. It even smells like Malaysia in there.

The face of the clock looked much bigger in real life.

The perfect indication of Autumn.

We roamed the city aimlessly till we found this.

This is smack in the middle of the city, according to me. haha.

This is one funny looking piece of art.

The Zebra Cross here reminded me of The Beatles at Abbey Road. I walked one that Zebra Cross feeling I was larger than life, thanks to them.

This is where you'd end up if the museums and art galleries are closed on a Monday.

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Mixing The Bright Star Alliance

Picture taken @ Next

This week has been pretty eventful and I should say, things turned out pretty awesome.

Monday. Was in Canberra.

Tuesday. Finalised thesis.

Wednesday. Submitted thesis. I felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Thursday. Mixed The Bright Star Alliance at Next. The gig turned out awesome and I had such a great time mixing the boys. It was also really rewarding that the band was very happy with the mix and it was good to hear good feedback from the crowd about the mix too. It's amazing how things turned out.

Friday. Rehearsal for next Saturday's gig at Evolution. Met a bunch of awesome people at the rehearsal too while I was at it.
It turned out the Melbourne music scene is smaller than I thought it was.


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Broken Scar Live @ Club Evolution

Hey boys and girls, for those of you in Melbourne, I'll be playing an acoustic set mixed with Broken Scar material and some covers at Club Evolution on May 17. Tickets are $20-presale and $30 at the door. Do let me know if you want to purchase the presale tickets through me. Hope to see you there! Really appreciate your support.Cheers heaps!

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Huz, here's my reply to your comment in the previous post. The trip to Canberra turned out pretty good actually. Hooked up with 4 other Malaysians who are currently living in various parts of Australia while I was there. The Malaysian High Comm, what can I say. It's like any typical Malaysian government department. Slow as heck. Spent so much money for a piece of paper with someone's signature on it.

Well, the good thing like I said was 5 Malaysians crossing paths in Canberra. Priceless!

Pictures to come soon.


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