Captured In One

Benny took this shot. Check out the console and Pro Tools in the reflection on the glass door. Everything captured in one shot.

Time seems to be flying by quicker than it should. I just realised that I've been in Melbourne close to a year already. I seem to be blogging less and less as well.

Just an update, I shall be recording some vocals for the tracks next week if all goes well.

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Blind Folds

I sometimes wonder why it takes so long to get a click factor, where everything just makes sense and you’d go, “ah, that’s it, I got it”. It’s like the blind folds have been lifted and you are suddenly able to see everything clearly for the first time. I tend to sway between wanting to think too much about it and not thinking about it at all. Again, it’s all about balance isn’t it? Just like mixing a band, it’s all about balance and making sure every instrument sits in its place while contributing to the grand scheme of things, the overall sound and tonality.

The more I think about it, the deeper it can get and the more I think about it, the more I don’t want to think about it because it can get too deep.

If you’re wondering what it is I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about thinking. No, I’m not going around in circles, being long-winded in my sentences or playing a riddle. This whole concept about thinking is driving me nuts.

I’m working on an assignment where I’m researching on cognition, meta-cognition and the whole idea of teaching and learning. I mean, it’s difficult and I’ve addressed that but I’m an audio engineer and musician. I want to learn more, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I have not much prior study into this field and it is driving me nuts but in the good way. Yes, it is confusing. I’m confused myself.

Anyway, recording has come to a pause again to give way to this assignment. More recording after this week.

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Video Blog 2

Recording acoustic guitars for Until I Fall

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Video Blog 1

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A Funny Story

I was out of the house by 5:40 am this morning. Yes, that’s probably the first time I’ve left the apartment that early this year. I went to the studio at school to track some demos. Want to hear a funny story? Read on.

Fast forward. I had done all the setup, gotten a sweet sound and recorded all the guitars for an entire track. Here’s the track list.

1. Click
2. Rhythm Guitar Left - SE 5600
3. Rhythm Guitar Left - SE 2200
4. Rhythm Guitar Left - AKG C414
5. Rhythm Guitar Left - D.I.
6. Rhythm Guitar Right – SE 5600
7. Rhythm Guitar Right – SE 2200
8. Rhythm Guitar Right – AKG C414
9. Rhythm Guitar Right - D.I.
10. Guitar lines for Verse - SE 2200
11. Guitar lines for Verse - AKG C414
12. Guitar lines for Chorus - SE 2200
13. Guitar lines for Chorus - AKG C414
14. Guitar Single Lines – D.I.

So it doesn’t look like there are that many tracks, but bear in mind this was just the guitar tracks. It was a lot for me as I spent a total of 5 hours getting it all right. The feel was right, the sound was right, the timing was right and it was the best take of this song that I have ever done (I have actually recorded this song once prior to this and that took a few takes). I tracked the guitar in one take each and it was sweet as ever.

So here’s the funny part of the story. Once I finished this song, I saved it and wanted to begin working on another track. So, I created a copy of the Pro Tools file, so that I could work off the same settings as I did with the previous song. In the process, I deleted all the audio files by mistake and the entire recording was gone. Just like that! The best take I’ve ever done, GONE!

Oh well, I just had to put that behind me and I re-recorded everything. It’s just not the same, you know?
It was a very costly mistake and I’ve learnt from it. Never delete anything! Back everything up!
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Anberlin & Copeland @ The Corner Hotel

I've got to say that Anberlin is freaking awesome live! The energy on the stage was just explosive! The Anberlin guys were super nice. They came out and met their fans after the show. Copeland was amazing live too. I loved Copeland's set and the singer is awesome.

I'll upload the videos soon. YouTube seems to be under maintenance now.

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Underoath @ Billboard The Venue

Emery -

Underoath in action...

Underoath's official website -

I like this shot, it's as if Spencer is glowing

I've been waiting to see Underoath in an intimate setting since the last Taste of Chaos and last night was it! The Amity Affliction opened the show followed by co-headliners Emery and finally Underoath wrapped it up.

The last time I was at Billboard, my ears rang for days after, so this time I came prepared with my earplugs. I stood at the back for the first two bands, where the sound was awesome and I didn't need any earplugs.

When Underoath came on, I tried to make my way as close to the front as possible. I wasn't up the front as close compared to Saosin, but this was good enough. The sound was great, Aaron sang spot on while Spencer screamed like there was no tomorrow although he had a bad headache. Tim and Chris went crazy as usual. Grant and James were further on the other side of the stage so I couldn't see much. Underoath played most of their new songs with a few old ones here and there. I actually would have preferred it if they had played more old stuff. I guess they're probably tired of the old songs already by now.

Emery was awesome too. The vocal harmonies were spot on. The energy on stage was amazing.

I liked The Amity Affliction, although for some strange reason, the crowd wasn't too reactive to them.

The security had to chase us all out right after the show because they had to make way to the clubbers who were gonna dance the night into oblivion after the gig. This sucked because usually the band will come out after the show to hang out with the fans. I was disappointed when it came to this because I couldn't get the guys to sign anything or to pick up a pick or drumstick but all in all, it was a spot on show. I had a great time screaming along.

Here are some videos from the gig.

Underoath - You're Ever So Inviting

Emery - Not quite sure what song this was. Check out the keyboardist. He just rips out his keyboard.

Emery - Walls. Watch these guys go crazy. This was the last song of their set.

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Cosmic Encore

Firstly, sorry Alda, I was going to plug it but you got to me first. I was telling everyone I was talking to, to go already since I found out about it and it sucks that I can't be there.

Anyway, as the stars and planets align, Cosmic Funk Express has resurrected and will wreck everything in its way once again. They will blow your socks off, so don't miss this once in a life time opportunity. Just get off your lazy butts and head to the 2 nights of mind blowing virtuosity.

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Paris Who?

In fashion of all that's current.

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Indentity Crisis

Hi, my name is Reza Salleh! Since when did my name change to Reza Salleh or did Reza steal my face? Oh no...haha. All in good fun. I don't mind the publicity. haha. The picture above is from the gig guide at Groove Junction's website.
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Spiderman 4

Spiderman 4...coming to cinemas near you!

I received this in a forwarded email and I must say, this is one of the coolest forwarded email I've received. All the email said was, "Spiderman 4" in the Subject and nothing in the body of the email. So I assumed that the sender must have forgotten to include the intended email or he might have accidentally clicked send before typing the email. It wasn't until I clicked on the picture attachment (which I never do because all these forwarded emails can't be trusted and there may be all kinds of viruses, but this was an exception because I knew the sender) that brought me to this picture. Haha!

I think this is one of the coolest piece of Malaysian art I've seen. I like the fact that it promotes racial harmony. This definitely made my day.

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Sunny Queensland

This is definitely overdue. These pictures were taken during my recent trip to Brisbane. All in all, a good trip.

I've just always had a fascination aeroplanes be it the propeller ones or the jet bombers, it didn't matter. It's not that I know a great deal about them though. I just like the physical appearance.

Brisbane was true to it's reputation. It was bright and sunny, not as cold as Melbourne.

The information centre was smaller compared to the Melbourne one in Federation Square but it had this cool information touch screen projected onto the glass window.

The middle of the city reminded me a lot of the city centre in Perth.

The Regent Theater

I was told that the architecture in Brisbane is awesome and I guess that's true.

We've got a Southbank in Melbourne too...

A view of Southbank and the city in the background

Who would have imagined this is a man-made beach?

There's just something about this shot that makes it feel all so calm.

The City Hall

Inside the City Hall

It had this old skool elevator and I just had to take a shot of it

I'm not sure about the history behind this building, but I guess they've turned it into a concert hall? See the pipe organ?

The painting. This was right in front of the hotel I was staying in.

The real thing

The Botanical Gardens were also calming. There's a university around the corner and students often have to walk through the gardens to get to uni. I wouldn't mind walking through such awesome gardens to get to uni.

A closer look at the rainbow

Feel the calm?

I've always liked this type of shot. Maybe it's the idea of flying above the clouds that makes it awesome.

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As If It Never Happened

I’m listening to The Almost’s debut album, Southern Weather as I type this. The Almost is Aaron Gillespie’s (Underoath) side project and the best part of this record is that he recorded all the instruments except for some bass on certain songs. This is a multi talented wonder boy that never ceases to stop working. If he’s not on tour with Underoath, he’d be out on tour with The Almost. The record is simply brilliant. The songs are filled with awesome hooks and the instrumentation just works perfectly to portray the clever lyrics. This is in no way an attempt to review the record because my words will just fall short of what it is worth and will not do it justice. I don’t even know why I’m saying this because obviously no one is gonna go out and get the album anyway.

I guess it’s just the sheer brilliance that I admire that steered me to write about it because I can’t contain it inside anymore. It’s just like Silverchair’s Young Modern, it’s so brilliant it makes you wanna cry.

On the topic of music, I was thinking of how much I’ve learnt about music all this while and there is no end to it. I wish I could absorb everything faster though. But I guess learning from mistakes just takes time and we just have to run the course, just like a fever or cold, we’ll just have to go through it till it’s over. Everyone makes mistakes and gets cheated in life. I think the latter just shows that there are close to no one left that’s honest these days. There’s only this much one person can do.

When I wrote the material for my first record, I was excited to get it all down on plastic. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy as I’ve done my research. So I worked hard, prepared well for it and did the best I could to avoid any potential mistakes that will slow the process of recording down. Through the recording process, I was excited to see it as a final product, ready to hit the shelves. By the end of it, things were going great but I have to admit, there were times when frustration crept in. The gigs that followed after the release of the record kept me going.
Through all that, I thought to myself, this may be the last record that I will make. But I guess no one ever stops making a record after just releasing one, even if that debut shot the artist to super stardom or made him incredibly poor, they will keep doing what the love to do the most. These are just random thoughts and I wrote an essay again. Damn!
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