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9th February 2011
Mixed Engine Three Seven @ The Espy Gershwin Room

It was heaps fun mixing Engine Three Seven as they played a very rare acoustic set compared to their usual heavy rock set. But don't be fooled, the band delivered a high energy performance despite being an acoustic set. The stage was fully decked out with couches and they really got the vibe going. I didn't get a chance to take any photos as it was quite a fast paced night. The boys didn't get a sound check and during the line check before their set, I discovered that the two DI's provided were faulty and they needed four all up. I had my two, but we had to get two more off the front bar's. I did get off to quite a rough start, trying to get the show on the road but all in all, the set went on well and it sounded great, thanks to the awesome E37 crew and James "Audio Wizard" Anderson for being such great help. The Gershwin Room is such a sweet room to mix in. You can put an acoustic band or a metal band in there and they will still sound suitable for the room.

10th February 2011
Mixed Preston Perche and Aluka @ Paris Cat

The desk was tiny but it did the job for the night seeing that the venue was small. The only problem was it was placed in the most inconvenient location! Next to the stage, next to the drummer! The speakers weren't well placed either because they were behind the vocal mics. I suppose Paris Cat doesn't require loud levels and the crowd usually don't talk anyway because it is a jazz venue. I also reckon, jazz bands usually just balance themselves on stage, therefore having the desk right beside them would be the most convenient thing to do. The setup may work for jazz but it wasn't the best conditions for what we were doing tonight, but we got the job done anyway and everyone had a great time.

Aluka opened the night with their awesome A Capella performance and Preston Perche took on the stage next with a full bad this time, with Jonathan on bass and Steph on drums.

Although, I must admit, my neck was hurting by the end of the night because of the awkward position of the desk.

It was a sit down type show, as you can see. This was the view from where I was, if this would give you any indication where the desk was.

11th February 2011
Mixed The Violet Flames, The Happy Endings and The Run Run @ The Evelyn

Tonight was a night to remember. The Violet Flames played their last show ever as a band and they also launched their highly anticipated album. I must admit, I was truly sad that this was the last time that I would get to see them play live. It has been an awesome journey and privilege working with the boys. Loved every moment of it and I am glad I was a part of this night. Epic!

Going from the tiny desk at Paris Cat back to the Midas Verona at The Evelyn was a relief. This was back to "normal" rock band mixing conditions. Although, I would have loved the desk to be raised a little higher for comfort. Not complaining though.

The preamp knobs seem very sensitive tonight. I had to do a few more touches than usual to get them to the sweet spots, but it was okay. No big deal. Just an observation. All the gear was in good condition and I was a happy mixer.

My view from FOH

The boys rockin' out!

From L-R: Clinton Weaver, Yours Truly, Matt Crute, James Forest & Jackson Proud. Post gig photo. One for the road! Thanks for the memories boys! It was an epic night! What a way to end the week. RAWK!

Side notes: Having mixed on digital desks and analogue desks equally as much lately, I find that my DBX 266XL sounds more musical than the digital compressors/gates on a digital desk. I wonder if it is a preference thing. But I suppose having everything in one digital desk is more convenient than having to lug a stack of outboard gear.

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