Five Minutes

A few days ago I had a sudden download of inspiration and I wrote an entire song in five minutes. I played the whole thing from start till end, one round through and that was it, the entire song complete with structure, melody and the theme for the lyrics right in front of me. Now all I have to do is finalise the lyrics and I have a brand new song! I love it when this happens because the last time it happened was many years ago when I wrote Scratch. So yes, I needed this! Thank you, God.

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It's All Happening

Everything is happening in August and it starts with a big bang on the 2nd of August with Sunday Sessions. I am looking forward to playing with the band there and fully taking advantage of the sweet PA system! See you there!

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Lake Mountain

Last Saturday, I fulfilled another childhood dream. Coming from a tropical country, I couldn't help but to be absolutely stoked and amused to be amongst the snow! I went up to Lake Mountain with a bunch of awesome friends and this is what I managed to tick off the list.

Toboganning, check!

Playing with snow, check!

Getting in a snow fight, check!

Making a snowman, check. No, not really. This snowman was already made when we spotted it. We just dressed it up with the beanie and scarf, made it smile and swapped the original black piece of wood as a nose with a nicer carrot for a nose.

It's actually pretty small as you can see from the picture. I wanted to claim this as our snowman at first but we thought we'd rather make our own.

So we made Nigel, our snowman! I think this picture doesn't really represent how tall he is, but he was almost my height! We were proud because it proved that with some team effort, we managed to pull this off. It didn't look like we could have achieved this at first.

...because this was how Nigel looked like at first. It doesn't look anything like a snowman at all!

Then we decided to get real creative and we made this! Okay, I'm pushing it. Someone else had made this. We were blown away by the sheer size of this thing in the first place but the fact that it's so well detailed just topped it off. We were glad to have been able to see this! Kudos to the boys and girls that made this!

Lastly, before we left the mountain, snow started to fall! It was simply breathtaking! I had never seen snow in real life before, so to be there itself was a mind blowing experience but to see snow flakes for the first time, that really sealed the deal. I always though that you needed to view a snow flake under the microscope to see the detailed patterns and boy was I wrong and ignorant!

The trip came to a nice close with a sumptuous dinner accompanied by wine. It was the perfect snow experience! Now, we're paying for it though. Our bodies are aching all over from the tobogganing but I'm sure it's not as bad as the pain you get from skiing or snowboarding.

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Broken Scar Live @ Sunday Sessions

This is a show you don't want to miss. The last Sunday Sessions, we played an acoustic set. In fact, everyone played acoustic sets because it was an acoustic theme. This time around, it will be full band sets in the main room and acoustic sets in the front bar. It will be a nice blend of music goodness to keep you warm and fuzzy this cold mid winter!

We will be playing in the main room so come and mosh the Sunday with us. All the details are on the poster. Please spread the word and bring your friends!

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When I Come Around

I was toying with the thought of going to see Greenday live in concert a while ago. I was quite indecisive at first because the tickets were expensive and I knew I definitely won't get good seats. I also heard that the show was sold out. So I consulted my best bud Alda and he said that I should check out videos of their current tour and see whether it will interest me. Then he said, "but what they heck, it's Greenday man!"

That sealed the deal for me. It's Greenday man!! How could I not go? I practically grew up on Greenday. Dookie was the soundtrack of my high school life. They're one of the first bands that got me into playing guitar.
I learnt almost all their songs at the time and played them in the bands I was in then. What was I thinking?! How could I even consider not going? I already missed them the last few times they came here and I won't let it happen again this time.

So I jumped online and looked for tickets. I should have bought them during pre-sale but it's better late than never, I guess. I was a bit nervous because the show may very well be sold out by the time I made up my mind but it turns out that they had announced a second show. The floor was sold out for both shows but there were some seats left, far back in the stadium. I bought them anyway. It's better than nothing. So yeah, Greenday in December, here I come!

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Wet Shoes

I think one of the worst feelings to have is wet feet caused by either wet shoes or wet socks. As if that is not bad enough, add winter to the equation. I stepped into a puddle a week ago and I thought it was fine because my shoes are relatively new and in my mind, I thought they were meant to be water proof. Since the incident, I kept feeling that my feet was colder than usual. I thought the weather was just that cold. It turns out the dampness in my shoes had caused my socks to get wet too, resulting my wet feet! I didn't realise this at first because it wasn't like the shoes were soaking wet or anything, it was ever so subtle.

So I Googled how to dry wet shoes and some pretty peculiar methods appeared. Some suggested to nuke the shoes in the microwave while others suggested chucking them into the dryer. Then a more sensible method surfaced. Stuff the shoes with newspapers. I did just that and I am looking forward to the results.

However, I know two sure methods that'll do the trick, charcoal or silica gel but I just don't have the time to go and get them. So newspapers would have to do for now. Let's see what happens.

Freakin' winter!!!

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Winter Came Too Soon

I remember the first time I came to Melbourne in winter 2003, I loved the cold. At that time, I could not imagine myself ever hating the freezing winter. Coming from a tropical country, I have had enough of the heat and humidity. I was ready to trade it for the cold and dry weather. Back then, I never understood why the locals were grumbling about winter and feeling completely miserable.

Fast forward to 2009, now I finally understand. You get sick in winter! That's why everyone hates it. It's too cold to do anything, you eat way too much and you eventually put on weight. I can't say I care too much about the eating and putting on weight bit but it is the getting sick part that I hate the most. As it is, there's so much to do and there's not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. What more when you get road blocked by falling sick?

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Gold Coast : Day Four @ The Beach

The sun finally decided to come out and play on our last day in Gold Coast.

Standing out there in the water was just so soothing. I wished it was a bit warmer so I could take a swim. Maybe next time.

Just check out how clean and clear the water is. It was beautiful.

Digging a hole for myself


These little pebbles were adorable. Each of them unique. It was very inspiring. Not sure if it was in the songwriting kinda way, but who knows, maybe it just might spark something.

Everyone does the Jetstar jump

I think I prefer mine

It was time to say goodbye to the beach town that spelled holiday in the air. I was a bit hesitant to leave despite the fact that the people in Gold Coast weren't as friendly as Melbourne. It was probably the very thought of saying goodbye to a place that gets to me as I haven't gotten numb to travelling yet. Oh well, Gold Coast, tick! Looking forward to the next trip to discover Australia.

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Gold Coast : Day Three @ Warner Bros Movie World

Warning: This post is a picture fest!

We watched Shrek in 4D first and it really set the tone for an awesome day being a child all over again. Shrek in 4D was incredible. It was very well done and we watched it twice because it was that good!

Hollywood Stunt Drivers, the second show we watched. These stunt drivers were awesome!

We were blown away!

This ride would have been cool if it were Summer, so naturally since it was freezing, I passed.

The presentation was good but the taste was poor. I was a tad disappointed.

One of the shows at Wild Wild West. This show was average compared to the action packed stunt drivers.

Yosemite Sam

The Scooby Doo ride was awesome! I loved it so much that I went on it twice. I think I shouldn't mention what it is so that I don't spoil it for people who hasn't been there before. Let's just say that it will be a rollercoaster ride of your life.

Reliving childhood


Superman Escape was insane! A G-Force of 4.2 positive and 1 negative. Woot!

The sun decided to come out and play towards the middle of the day.

YEAH! Just got off the ride. It was mind blowing. I waited in the line for about 45 mins for a few mins of thrill. I would have gone again if there wasn't such a long wait. There was a kid next to me who seemed pretty calm at first but once we hit the ride, all kinds on interesting words came out of his mouth. Haha!

The Warner Bros Parade featuring Daffy Duck

Is that a putty-cat?

Scoobs and the gang.


When I was younger, my Dad played me a cassette tape of Frank Sinatra's My Way. He told me he recorded that version on tape and I didn't believe him. He sounded exactly like Sinatra and ever since then, it was my dream to go to Movie World to see the place my Dad became Sinatra. It ignited the dream to record too and I've got the recording part done in 2006. Now, I finally got to see Movie World. Although, this time around the recording studio was more for a bobble-head music video recording which I gladly passed.

The Parade continued. Flash!

I think these characters are too famous to even bother naming.

Everyone's favourite scardy-cat


Cat Woman was as illusive in real life as the cartoon. She comes and she goes as she pleases.

I passed this ride as well. I didn't want to spoil the trip with a headache.

Hard Rock Cafe by night

I think the pictures say it all. Once you walk through the gates, you become a kid all over again. In my head, I expected it to be so huge that you needed a few days to fully enjoy the park but
I'm glad we managed to see everything within one day.Simply fantastic!

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