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A Simple Plan

Out comes the flimsy remote control out of the pocket. Hit it about for a little bit to give it a kick-start. Hit the blue button, beep, and the lock comes undone. Hop in, insert the key into the ignition, get comfortable and start up the engine. Close the door and now a whole new world begins.

Here’s to a journey in a world where nothing around exists or even matter.

Once entered into this little isolated world, despite opened windows displaying air drumming and singing into the empty to everyone, everything that does not make sense at all to the outside world makes every single sense to the one behind the wheel.

It doesn’t matter what people outside this confinement think or say. As far as I’m concerned, I’m enjoying my favorite music playing through my entry level stock player and humble speakers while air drumming to the beats and singing to the words. It is a minor escape away from the current reality, but I’m not running away. It’s just a temporary visit every now and then. Everything foreign fades away when I enter this world. My world.

The Big Picture

Blogging lately has become sparser due to the scarcity of luxury time.

So here’s a flash-back to Saturday.

Recording demos are always a whole lot of fun. In fact, any recording is a great experience be it just for fun, to record a simple guitar idea or to record an entire band for an EP or album. Recording is also two dimensional for me as I enjoy being on both sides of the glass window, in the recording room recording guitars or vocals, or being in the control room mixing.

Back on track, recording demos are a lot less stressful as there is a lot of room for experimentation and for mistakes to happen allowing creativity to go with the flow. There is also less pressure to hit everything perfectly. However, recording a demo should not be taken lightly either.

It’s very satisfying to listen to a composition in full as a listener compared to playing and singing it to yourself. From this, vocal harmonies can be bounced around and small guitar parts and ideas can be added here and there. Now, the big picture is within reach.

So all in all, Saturday was extremely hot but eventful.

The Reunion

Performing in front of a quiet and expectant audience waiting to pounce on every slightest mistake in chord progression or a slip of a tongue is just as scary as performing on stage for the very first time without knowing what to expect of the audience.

Who would have thought I’d be given a challenge quite similar yet unlike the above on the reunion night of Chinese New Year where most relatives were gathered in a cozy and dim lit house to usher in the New Year according to the Chinese calendar as well as to catch up with one another.

The wait for the traditional reunion meal of steamboat was long despite having modern electricity powered steamboat pots. It was well worth the wait. The food was simply delicious and by the end of it, I was stuffed. Too bad I don’t have food pictures to temp you.

Fast forward and bypass the karaoke sessions, I was now faced with a very unique challenge. I was asked to play a few of my original songs to all my relatives and cousins from overseas.

Reluctance crept in and out of my mind but eventually, the love of music in me gave in. Despite being almost dead tired, I played them four songs. It was quite a challenge to play to family. You wouldn’t want them to pretend to like your music just because you’re related by blood, but you’d really want to blow them away and impress them genuinely.

I did my best and I sighed of relief after.

The rest of it now remains as sweet memories.

Coffee Music

Starbucks Melaka Opening

Excitement, how does a person actually relate this to another?

Maybe not being able to sleep the night before a gig and a road trip, drinking too much water and going to the loo way too many times and eating countless sweets and candy will fit the bill.

The trip to Melaka was like a dream. I’ve been to Melaka a few times now but this time it seemed different. This time heading south is for a totally different reason yet with a familiar traveling “feel” to it. It wasn’t a typical day-trip. I had a mission. I was off to a gig!

The best part is that I had supporters in the same car that I was in. I had my family!

How did I feel about it? I was like a child on the very first trip out to the unknown.

Music is just simply mystical. Just like the image of God is unfathomable, that is precisely why music is in the same light. This is because it is God sent.

A good two hours had passed and now we slowly pulled into Melaka town. Melaka is such a quaint town. There is just so much history there. There’s just this nostalgic “feel” to it, don’t you think so? If I were a professional photographer, I’d make more trips here to capture the “life” of Melaka town.

Back on track now, when I arrived at Mahkota Parade, I could see the commotion at the main entrance from the car park. There it was, the first ever Starbucks in Melaka, right at the main entrance opposite Coffee Bean. It was quite a large scale event. They were giving away free drinks and even had an open house from 4pm to 6pm.

I was greeted by one of the Directors and was forwarded to the marketing person in charge of the event and performers. I would say that I was very well taken care of.

There’s also this joy of seeing your name on the performers list written on the board.

Overall, the event was a success. The performers were great. I enjoyed Bedsheet Wonders and Fallen Leaves featuring Sue of Her Reverie.

Bedsheet Wonders reminds me a lot of Radiohead. I admire the range of the Dave’s vocals. The riffs were really catchy too.

Despite the usual front man’s absence, Fallen Leaves was great and Sue has such a soothing voice, it’ll lift you off the ground. Not forgetting the very beautiful Tacoma in her hands. Did you know that Philip and James sound almost alike? They should do duets in future!

Oh, how did my set go? Yours truly actually opened the show and felt pretty good about it, but this is not for me to judge. The audience is always listening, you judge. I was overwhelmed by adrenalin once again and time seemed to pass so fast up one stage. In no time my set was over.

Here’s the list of the five songs I played by the way:

Hey You
Midnight In St Kilda
The Bleeding Confession

It was such an honor to be a part of this wonderful event organized by Starbucks. How often does a person get to perform at the first ever opening of a Starbucks outlet in Melaka? That’s right. Once in a lifetime!

By the end of the event, I overdosed on Green Tea Frappacino and was ready to go home.

Road Trip

Melaka here I come!

Coffee And Music

I will be heading over to Melaka for the Starbucks Music Series at Starbucks Mahkota Parade on 5 February 2005. This would be my first gig out of the Klang Valley. Anyone up for a holiday?

This gig is in association with the opening of the first Starbucks outlet in Melaka and it's organized by the kind folks at KLue, the best Klang Valley guide!

Will post more updates about the show soon.

Starbucks Music Series
(Starbucks Melaka Opening Ceremony)

Venue: Starbucks Mahkota Parade
Date: 5th February 2005
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Performers: Fallen Leaves, Bed Sheet Wonders, Broken Scar

So come along if you’re free and happen to be in Melaka.

The Third Session

It looks like Scratch and The Bleeding Confession are the first two songs that Manshaan, Alda and I nailed after this third rehearsal session for the recording.

Jamming with these guys has never been dull. My days literally start after shots of adrenaline from these sessions. It's been productive so far. Let's keep on rolling!

"It seems like your post-rock dream came through", Alda said, after jamming a very long intro for Soul Reaper.

Playing alone and with other musicians has such different dynamics. I enjoyed the dynamics in that long intro bit, the rise and fall of the momentum, the simple two chord melody and the dynamics of the band in terms of intensity and energy.

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