Noticed this on one of the sweet wrappers. Can't resist putting it up here.

Fresh Cherries


This is the first time I've had fresh cherries unlike most times it would be those preserved ones that you get with cocktails. Yum!

City Lights

Yeah, I know it's not Christmas yet, but I guess we're all in the mood already. Well, at least the city of Melbourne is. These pictures were taken on Bourke Street, sort of the middle of the city.

DJ B2wo Live @ Soda, Melbourne

Introducing, DJ B2wo, formerly known as DJ 162 of Da Joint! This is my brotha y'all!

Now for something different. I headed over to Soda tonight to support Benny and man was the queue long! The bouncers were letting people in bit by bit and it took us a while to get in but it was worth it. It was the Japanese Summer Festival and the place was packed. Benny did his thing and he was ace! All in all, we had a good time. Cheers Benny!

Food Fest

Here's a summary post of some food ones that I failed to blog earlir.

Dim Sum @ Dragon Boat Restaurant

Free flow Chinese Tea

Prawn Dumpling

Dessert: Watermelon

Dessert: Mango Sago

Egg Tarts. These egg tarts are one of the best I've had so far. Yum!

If you noticed, there are only a few pictures. Obviously, I was too hungry and forgot to take pictures till I got to dessert.

Scrumptious mango from Queen Victoria Market

Sambal Tumis Prawns

Bought prawns from Vic Mart and cooked this for dinner.

Today was just one of those days where I had free time on my hands and I didn’t feel like doing work. I wanted to hang out and go out but there was a problem. I didn’t have a plan. Worst of all, today was one of those days that I didn’t feel like planning. To sum it all up, I was pretty disoriented, directionless and aimless, wanting to do something but on the other hand not knowing what that “something” was.

So what did I do to remedy this problem? I went with the flow and did whatever my heart told me to do. I hopped on the tram and headed to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. I missed my intended tram stop in Fitzroy but what the heck, I had all the time in the world anyway. I ended up at a guitar store called Manny’s Music and browsed their display of awesome guitars.

After leaving the store, I set eyes on a nice and quiet park and my heart wanted to go there, sit down and just relax but then again, I’ve been relaxing too much anyway. I wanted go out and do things. So I hopped on another tram and headed back to my original intended stop, at Gallin’s Guitars. They have the coolest collection of Gibson and Epiphone guitars. There was a particular Orange amp that I was interested in but they didn’t have it in stock. I would have bought it impulsively if they had it.

I thought that after these two stops, I would get a better idea of what I’d like to do for the rest of the day but no, I was still aimless. So I walked down Brunswick Street just browsing the shops. Before I knew it, I had walked the whole street already and there was nothing else to see but to head back to the city.

So I got back to the city, went to JB HiFi, a few more CD shops, Federation Square and realised it was about time for dinner. I manage to call up Benny at the perfect time and caught up for a chat and eventually dinner.

Right about dinnertime at Don Don, a cozy Japanese joint, the sense of purpose finally came to me. Head to East Brunswick Club and catch a gig there. I went there with Zach and it was worth paying the 15 bucks cover. The three bands were really tight and the sound was awesome. I was exhausted after the gig and decided to head home.

I had a good chat after that with some friends too which was a perfect ending to an aimless start of the day and made it all good.

Oh, here are some pictures from the gig and links to the bands. These days I don't bother so much in trying to snap pictures from up front. I'd enjoy the gig throughly instead.

Fifty Sixx

Angela's Dish

Something With Numbers

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