The Bright Star Alliance Recording

I was at Melbourne Records with The Bright Star Alliance yesterday to catch a glimpse of the recording of their new songs. It was amazing to be surrounded by such amazing talent. Mark tracked drums for two songs in an hour with two takes each only while Mitchell was just nailing the guitars. The tone was amazing. Ren is also an amazing engineer and I was privileged to watch him work. I can't wait to hear how it all sounds!

It was heaps of fun hanging out with the boys but what good would it be if I didn't take pictures right? So here are some shots from the studio.

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3 Idiots Under The Stars

On Thursday, the wife came home and asked if I wanted to watch a free Bollywood film called 3 Idiots at Federation Square. I was feeling quite exhausted but I fought the exhaustion and decided to get off my bum to watch the film anyway. It was free after all and if I didn't like it, we could have left half way. It turned out though, that the film was awesome! I was quite surprised that Fed Square wasn't packed out. It was perfect, watching the film under the stars. It got really cold as we were out in the open but we went prepared with our picnic mat, blanket, hot water bottle and pillows. We also dressed warm. Two t-shirts and my favourite hoodie. It was a spur of the moment that turned into a great date night with the wife.

Watching the film also reminded me of the last Bollywood film I watched at my good friend Ragavan's place one Deepavali. I can't remember the title now, but I got so hooked to it that I stayed on till late to watch it till the end! I keep forgetting that watching a Bollywood film is usually a 3 hour commitment!

3 Idiots was such a well made film and despite it being 3 hours long, it sure didn't feel long as it was very punchy and modern. I won't spoil it for you by telling you what it's about.
Watch it if you get the chance to. I'd watch it again.

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March & April Shows

Hey boys and girls, I'm happy to announce some Broken Scar Melbourne shows coming up in March and April. Don't forget, we've got some very limited edition red Broken Scar t-shirts for sale at the shows. Come grab one while stocks last! Hope to see you at the shows!

Upcoming Shows ( view all )
25 Mar 2010 7:30 P
Melbourne Uni Night Market Melbourne, Victoria
7 Apr 2010 5:00 P
Muzika Musim Luruh @ The Prince Bandroom St. Kilda, Victoria
17 Apr 2010 6:00 P
The Noise Bar w/ Ralph Desilver Melbourne, Victoria

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Regret Not

Wow, I can't believe my trip home to Malaysia is coming to an end already. Time does fly while you're having fun. This time round, my trip was so short that I didn't get to catch up with many friends as I spent most of the time with family and I had the time of my life! No regrets. I even managed to squeeze in a recording session with An Honest Mistake where I will be featured on vocals. Am excited to see how it will turn out.

I do apologise to my friends though, for not being able to meet up this round. I feel like a terrible friend, but I had to do what I had to do and I hope you understand that time was short. I'll see you again soon for sure.

Now, it's time to head back to Melbourne, get back into mixing great bands and rockin' out with Broken Scar!

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Be Right Back

Oh wow, it suddenly feels so weird to type this post. It suddenly feels a little foreign. It's been a while since my last post and I apologise for not being able to do the Lick My Pick posts for the past couple of weeks. It's funny how I am this busy when I'm supposed to be on holiday. I wasn't able to do all that I wanted to do and catch up with everyone but I have no regrets. I still got to do heaps and I am glad. Everyday has just been packed to the brim and today was no exception. Am a little brain dead now as you can tell from this very disjointed post. So I'll take it easy and relax over the next couple of days and make the best of what's left of my trip. My next post will likely be from Melbourne when I get back. It won't be long. Till then, goodnight!

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