Merdeka In Melbourne

Back 2 Basics @ Biero Bar
31st August 2010. Tuesday. 6:30pm. $6 entry.

Biero Bar. 525 Little Lonsdale Street. Melbourne.
Performers: Just So You Know, Pittas, Loe, Mia Palencia, Charles J Tan and Broken Scar.

Do come early coz there's
"pay by the time" meals. So if you arrive at 7pm, you only pay $7 for your meal. Perfect for dinner! Come hang out and celebrate Merdeka Day with some chilled out acoustic music! See you there!
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I saw this on the back of a truck and I just couldn't resist taking a photo of the scribbles! Firstly, this truck is that dirty that it could be scribbled so clearly, it's just hilarious. I wonder if they ever wash the truck. Maybe not, seeing that we should save water. I think it's cool though, by not washing the truck, they save water and encourage art! I love it!

I thought using my camera phone would produce pathetic results, but it actually looks pretty decent.

Ah, the beauty of Melbourne city. There's art all over the place. I mean, this is good art, I reckon, because it's not just profanity. I think it's really creative and I love it!


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The Limelight @ Miss Libertine [August 2010]

I kinda lost track of taking photos and I only managed to take some by the time Katrina hit the stage.

You just got to love Miss Libertine's vibe and crowd. Simply awesome.

Also, here's a short clip of Matt Collyer and company. I was blown away by their tightness. Such an awesome band. I believe that his music should be heard by everyone! Check out Matt's MySpace here:

It's amazing how many great performers I've seen come through our doors at The Limelight since it all started a year and a half ago. I'm having such a ball.

Right Of The Son, Eddie Shang, Andrew Lim and Have You Seen Nelson, here's a shout out to you guys! Awesome sets guys!

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Asami's EP Launch

Usually when you walk in to a gig, it would have already started and the band on stage would have been playing their second or third song by then. I had some free time after setting up and doing a sound check for Asami and Emily Trembath so I took some photos. It's times like these I wish I had a good camera to take some good shots. So here are some shots most people don't see because usually no one even knows these things happen before a gig.

The Workers Club had a really nice work space for me. A long bench to put all my gear and a mixing desk that can handle the night just fine. A bigger desk with more channels would have been ideal, but I made it all happen anyway.

The stage, after it was nicely set up, cables tidied up and the bands well sound checked, before the massive crowd arrived.

The "before" look at the room

I was trying to capture a photo to give you the feel of what it would be like if you were up there on stage.

Emily Trembath

The Vulpine

The photos aren't great I know but at least it will serve as good reminders of the awesome moments spent at Asami's EP launch. Plus, I took these shots while mixing.

Looking through my booth. Packed like sardines. Woot!

Asami and band playing to a full house at their sold out EP launch! Check out the number of people in the room? What an awesome sight! Drastically different from the "before" photo.

It was a treat to mix at Asami's EP launch especially because it was sold out and the room was packed to the brim.

Here's to Asami and band, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EP LAUNCH!! You're a legend!

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Zack Kim's Debut Solo Album

If you don't know who Zack Kim is, you must have been living under a technology baron rock all this while. It's not too late for you my friend because you can just YouTube his name and you'll be blown away by his awesome two-guitar touch style madness. You know that mammoth of a YouTube hit sensation Super Mario theme song played on guitar with 30,397,808 views and counting? Yeap, that's Zack Kim.

After all these years of waiting, he has finally released his debut solo album Raw Like Korean Sushi and it is FREE. Yes, you are reading correctly. It is FREE of charge and no, it is not an illegal download. The man himself has put the album up for free download and you can get it right now!

Click here to download

Also, make sure you visit his website at and spread the word!


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Late Night Drive

I've spent the last two days driving around Melbourne without GPS or the Melways and I haven't gotten hopelessly lost yet. I solely relied on Google Maps printouts. Not bad for a start. I even drove out to Tullamarine to pick my buddy up from the airport in the middle of the night. I love late night drives! The entire feel and atmosphere just changes.

On the way home, we got hungry so we headed to a McDonald's or Maccas as the Aussies so affectionately calls it to grab a bite. We ended up at the Smith Street one and 24 hours Maccas here are just not cool at all. Somehow that's when all the dodgies come out. A fight almost broke out at the counter and some kid was trying to hassle a free meal. Such is life eh? Seeing all that unfold before me just makes me realise that there's always two sides to a coin. The difference between day and night.

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Growing Up

Over the last month or so, I found myself suddenly having to grow up real quick. I had to face a very steep learning curve and I was being thrown terms and lingo for the very first time which I had never heard before. It was pretty overwhelming at first to be thrown into the deep end but I thank God for sending me great friends for the support and help in every step I needed to take. Although things are really overwhelming, I am actually living exciting times and I should be thankful I get to live it in the first place.

On the flip side, it's as if I never really grew up. The Peter Pan in me is still kept alive despite all this growing up I had to do. Playing band hero and sing star all weekend, I mean, do adults really do that?

Balance is what this is.

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I took a drive out into the suburbs with perfect weather by my side. It was stressful though, driving in a land completely new to me. The geography for one was daunting enough. Add not fully knowing the traffic system to the equation and it was enough to drive a man to give up. But no sir, not me. I braved the mad city traffic and once I hit the freeway, I felt just as the way suggested, free.

Sometimes, getting into the car to drive for no other reason but to simply drive is freeing. Yes, I had a destination to end up at but there was no time line. I suppose the absence of a specified arrival time allowed me to relax and take in the scenery and the actual journey, one bit at a time.

I thank God for awesome weather today. We all know Melbourne needs it.

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All the action captured and summarised all in one video thanks to Alvin Wong!

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Last Thursday

This one is for those who missed our show at Miss Libertine last Thursday. Funny how I managed to upload only the slower songs so far. Will upload more when I get around to doing so. In the mean time, enjoy!

Shooting Star

The Alien Song

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Goodbye Saturday Afternoon



Photos courtesy of Yih Hoong

Emotions were flying all over the room at Miss Libertine on Thursday night. On one hand, Tjin, Danny and myself were pumped to play the gig but on the other, I felt sad that the whole reason we were doing this show was giving Fariz of Saturday Afternoon a farewell. I hate farewells.

On the up side, this gig was the first time I lugged my new Deville out and by the end of the night, I almost broke my back from lugging all my gear. If it weren't for Danny helping me, I would have definitely broken my back. It was so worth it though because the Deville sounded amazing and my board is close to being complete. All I need is a slightly better tap tempo switch, tidy up the wiring and Velcro all my pedals down permanently.

All in all, we had a great time rocking out that night and we couldn't have asked for more. Tee, Asami and Saturday Afternoon sounded played amazing solid sets. I had so much fun just hanging out and watching all the performers. It's one of those gigs where it's just all about friendship where you'd know almost everyone in the room. A million thanks to all our friends for coming out to support us. You guys are legends!

Fariz, all the best in all that you do back in KL. We'll miss you brother! Keep the awesome music coming. Geography should never get in the way. Cheers!
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