MXPX & Motion City Soundtrack @ Hi Fi Bar

Opening Band...

Motion City Soundtrack




The Stage


The Setlist, signed by the boys.

Shai Hulud

Geert Van der Velde (vocals)

Matt Fox (guitar)

L-R: Matt Fletcher (Bass) & Steven Lee Kleisath (guitar). I hope I got their names correct.

Andrew Gormley (Drums)

This was the last show ever for Shai Hulud and I'm proud to be a part of it. These guys are going to move on without the singer and call themselves "The Warmth Of Red Blood". They are recruting singers now. Do check out

These guys are the friendliest people in the world! They stayed back to hang out with their fans.

Shai Hulud @ The Corner

Inside Corner Hotel's Kitchen Area

The opening band. I missed their name.

Carpathian. Also played at the Destroy Music Tour.

Shai Hulud in action

Federation Square

Isn't it cool? Art on the floor for the public to appreciate?

St. Kilda

This is for Albert! Dude, if you're reading this, click on the picture for a larger view. I think you'll see it better. Albert Park my friend! This picture was taken at one of the stops along the way to St. Kilda Beach.

The St. Kilda Arts Market

A beautiful day to be out at the beach...

The quaint shops

A view from the tram

One has definitely got to visit St. Kilda during a trip to Melbourne. It's fantastic!

The Conglomerate Live @ Bennetts Lane

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

The Setup

Ollie McGill. This guy is a wicked pianist! Also plays piano and organ for The Cat Empire. You have to see him play if you ever have the chance to.

Harry Angus. Another crazy talent who also plays for The Cat Empire. An insane trumpet player and has a very unique voice coupled with entertaining lyrics about aliens, war and daily observations.

The Bedroom Philosopher. Jarvis Cocker's and Harry Potter's Love Child. Singer / Songwriter / Comedian. He is hilarious but not in the stupid humor way, his lyrics are smart and witty, he is entertaining and spontaneous.

This gig is the best gig I've seen ever. It was a gig filled with highly technical, skilled and entertaining musicians. It was pleasure to the ears without strain. A gig to remember for a lifetime.

People Are Strange

Yes, I have GAS! I bought the Emily The Strange Epiphone G-310.

It feels good, sounds good and looks good. I don't even have to think up a name for her. Emily's beautiful isn't she?

Bought it at a Gibson/Epiphone dealer on Brunswick Street called Gallin's Music from a guy named Fred. Tried it through an Orange stack amp too. The store people here will just leave you to try all you want and they are ready to assist you with anything, anytime. This purchase is by far the most satisfying.

Click here for more info about the guitar.

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