As I look back at the previous posts, I realised that I’ve been very slack with blogging. So here’s a brief one on what’s been happening in this wonderful world called student life.

First and foremost, today would probably be the start of a very busy period, as if it isn’t already busy enough. This is because our class has been assigned our very unique, Entertainment Law take-home exam which goes on for a whole week which is due next Monday and a Legal Case Review which is due the week after.

Tomorrow we embark on a new subject, the Business Plan and Market Research Techniques that isn’t all that new because we all knew it was coming sooner or later. With a new subject comes a brand new assignment as well.

On top of these things, I’ve got the thesis to work on which will then end with a presentation and we’re looking at two more assignments to come. All in all, I’ve got myself a handful and I won’t be having much of an Easter break.

In a glance, this is what the to-do list looks like:

Entertainment Law take-home exam
Legal Case Review
Business Plan write-up
Business Plan Presentation
Practical Assignment
An assignment where we design a course syllabus
Thesis Presentation

Technically, we would be working on all of the above simultaneously till the end of the course. Man, I really want to get some song-writing and recording done!

On the song-writing side, I’ve written about 5 new songs and they sounded great at first but after a while, I only ended up liking 2 of them. This means I’ve got to write more so that I can pick the good ones. Back to the drawing board.

Recently, I’ve also hurt my right arm because I scrubbed a pot too hard. That’s a whole story on its own which I hope to blog about it one day but I think this has made the whole initial back injury worse and my body has been acting up a bit. I think I’m just a little out of shape. I guess this blog keeps me sane. It serves as a reminder to me about the events of my life because I can’t seem to remember as much as I used to be able to anymore.

More Heidi

We wanted more, we got more. We headed to Waterfront City Piaza in Docklands where Ella and Jesse played again as a part of the Melbourne Osaka Cup Yacht Race. It was blistering cold but it was worth every second of the entire hour that they played. I'm loving the new songs and I can't wait for the new album.

Me and Ella. The wind was so strong I got hair all over my face. Phhttt..

Ella & Jesse Live @ Live, Crown

Yes, it is not a typo, the venue is called Live and it's at Crown, where the casino is. Ella and Jesse are the masterminds behind the successful Australian band, Killing Heidi and they played such sweet new acoustic songs. They were so good, we wanted more.


Currently listening to Silverchair's Diorama. The whole album.

It was on sale at JB HiFi and since it was only 9 bucks, I decided to buy it, for old time's sake. It was released in 2002. I can't believe it took me so many years to buy it and have a proper listen. My ears were probably too immuned to the constant overplayed “The Greatest View” on the airwaves, MTV and the like. I realised that Silverchair had changed and grown then and I knew they were brialliant. But now that all this time has passed, listening to this album is so much more meaningful and I’ve realised they’re beyond brilliant.

I think all the tracks on the album are amazingly well structured and well thought out. The writing is out of this world and the arrangements are just a breath of fresh air. I'm looking forward to their new one, due for release real soon. I'm not going to let 6 years go by this time round.

Listening to albums in full was such a norm back in school and now it has become more of a luxury. I'm talking about listening to the album over and over again, while reading the sleeves, credits and thank yous and digesting the lyrics and not just leaving it to play in the background. I almost always listen to music by the albums and not merely singles, just that I haven't been able to listen to them in detail such as today.

Metallica Is A Girl

A Swedish court has ruled that the parents of a seven-month-old girl in Kungälv, Sweden can name their child Metallica, according to the Swedish newspaper GP. The girl's parents wanted to give their daughter a name that combined their first names. After picking Metallica and checking twice with the Swedish tax agency Skatteverket if the name was acceptable, they were told that it shouldn't be a problem since there is already a girl in Sweden called Metallica. When they filed Metallica as one of the girl's three first names, the Skatteverket suddenly objected, claiming that the name was inappropriate because a famous hard rock band bears that name and the fact that it's too close to the word "metal." The parents filed an appeal with the district court, which has now ruled that the use of the name won't pose any problems for either the girl or anyone that she comes in contact with. One member of the jury objected to the ruling, claiming that the name probably will cause discomfort to the person who bears it.

Sourced from: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=69008

What would you name your child?

All That Remains - The Air That I Breathe

The video

The making

The quality of the above videos are a little low mainly due to the compression so that it could be uploaded onto YouTube. To watch better versions of these videos, check out the All That Remains myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/allthatremains

I was browsing through myspace and found these videos and I think that these are the best videos I've seen from a metal band. It looks like a big budget production. I just thought I'd post them here.


Am I Used?

Currently listening to: Sound The Alarm

My MP3 player has been acting up and I’m suffering from the lack of music when I’m travelling on the tram these days. Maybe it’s a sign that I should get an Ipod?

All of a sudden everything’s just a blank as I type this. I must have lost the hang of blogging after being away from it for a while. I should be able to get it back in a while.

The Used and Saosin are coming to Melbourne and this makes me a happy boy. I can’t believe non of my friends here are into them. What has the world come to? I’ve got my tickets secured and I’m going, period.

This is going to be an awesome year! It’s already been awesome, I mean I saw Silverchair and Deftones already, it can only get a whole lot better! Story Of The Year and Funeral For A Friend are scheduled to release their albums respectively this year, which means they would have to tour to support the albums. Eagerly waiting for them to announce an Aussie tour.


Swing in the park

Is it a party or what?

Would have been nice if they had seats just for two.

I spent a grand total of two dollars at Moomba and I concluded that the odds were too slim to win anything. Even if you did win a prize, you would have spent a fortune which amounts to more than what the prize is worth anyway.

Each booth had only 70 prizes to give out all day. In a 12 hour day, all they had to give away was 70 prizes? I’m no mathematician, but that didn’t sound like a good deal at all. No, I wasn't being a party pooper because I had heaps of fun anyway without giving away a fortune.

Push Over 2007

Guess who these guys in the picture are? Okay, it is not the best picture in the world, but click it for a larger view and see if you could make out who they are.
I waited for around ten years to finally be able to see these guys play live. Well, it’s not their fault that they never came to where I was living all the while and we very well know the reasons for that. Now that I got myself to their home country, the opportunity was there and I seized it.

This is one of the bands I grew up to and no matter how much they have changed in their musical direction, they will always remain a major influence in my life. Frogstomp started it all, then came Freak Show and a string of albums later, we stand in the same warehouse. To me, the changes are not negative at all but positive progress in their career. Music grows and matures and I’m glad they lasted this long for me to be able to watch that growth and be a part of the journey. They are simply brilliant. They are Silverchair.

This was at the Push Over Festival held in Docklands. It was a crazy 10 hour marathon of Australian music that started at 12pm and ended at 10pm. It was tiring and hot but it was worth every second and every penny. The wait was definitely worth it too. Silverchair was awesome! I had goose bumps! I just can’t describe how awesome it was and I won’t even attempt it.

Behind Crimson Eyes, Trial Kennedy, Horsell Common, Something For Kate and Karnivool were great too. There were other bands too but I didn’t get to see them all as there were three stages all together at the festival.
Also note that after watching Karnivool’s singer sing, you’d either feel inspired to learn how to sing better or quit singing all together. He’s a legend!


News from the Broken Scar camp. I've been jamming with Jesse on drums (pictured above) and Broken Scar is on the move. In my previous posts, I mentioned that I've been writing new material and they are coming to fruition now with a band sound. We're still in the infant stages, so hang in there and check back here for updates.
On another note, Broken Scar is looking for a Melbourne line-up including a bassist and a lead guitarist, who preferably sing as well, to play original material live and to record some brand new material. So if you are interested or if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know by dropping me a message here on MySpace or you could drop me an email at: brokenscarmail@gmail.com
Requirements are simple.
Must have own transportation
Must have own gear
Commited to the band
Lives within Melbourne
There are sample songs on my MySpace www.myspace.com/brokenscarmusic if you would like to have a listen. Thanks heaps. Hope to hear from you soon.

These are some of the pictures I took over the last week around Melbourne, just for fun to take in landscapes of the city, admiring God's work.

I just thought that this was a very colourful sight so I snapped a picture. I'm a sucker for vibrant colours, if you haven't noticed. This was taken at the little lane where Yu-U is.

Gelati at Antica Gelateria del Corso, on Collins Street.

I hardly walk up this way on Collins Street and look what I found? Well, it probably not new to Melburnians but it was to me as I'm still slowly discovering this intricate city.

Looking pretty mean.

The word 'laidback' comes to mind when I look at this picture. The sky seems blue-er here, without a cloud in sight.

Melbourne by night.



This is probably one of the most understated restaurant I've been to.

If I were to walk pass this scene in the picture without knowing what this place was before hand, I would never have guessed what was hidden behind those doors. I would have ignored it and walked on because the whole vibe of this area was just dodgy.

There was a tiny sign hanging on the wall that just added to the whole mystery.

This is how the inside looks like.

The green tea with burnt rice was awesome.

The cool thing about this place is that they only serve one set meal per day which means that the preparation was pretty speedy and the food arrived before I knew it.

The ambience was exceptional!


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