As I look back at the previous posts, I realised that I’ve been very slack with blogging. So here’s a brief one on what’s been happening in this wonderful world called student life.

First and foremost, today would probably be the start of a very busy period, as if it isn’t already busy enough. This is because our class has been assigned our very unique, Entertainment Law take-home exam which goes on for a whole week which is due next Monday and a Legal Case Review which is due the week after.

Tomorrow we embark on a new subject, the Business Plan and Market Research Techniques that isn’t all that new because we all knew it was coming sooner or later. With a new subject comes a brand new assignment as well.

On top of these things, I’ve got the thesis to work on which will then end with a presentation and we’re looking at two more assignments to come. All in all, I’ve got myself a handful and I won’t be having much of an Easter break.

In a glance, this is what the to-do list looks like:

Entertainment Law take-home exam
Legal Case Review
Business Plan write-up
Business Plan Presentation
Practical Assignment
An assignment where we design a course syllabus
Thesis Presentation

Technically, we would be working on all of the above simultaneously till the end of the course. Man, I really want to get some song-writing and recording done!

On the song-writing side, I’ve written about 5 new songs and they sounded great at first but after a while, I only ended up liking 2 of them. This means I’ve got to write more so that I can pick the good ones. Back to the drawing board.

Recently, I’ve also hurt my right arm because I scrubbed a pot too hard. That’s a whole story on its own which I hope to blog about it one day but I think this has made the whole initial back injury worse and my body has been acting up a bit. I think I’m just a little out of shape. I guess this blog keeps me sane. It serves as a reminder to me about the events of my life because I can’t seem to remember as much as I used to be able to anymore.

3 Responses to “Overloaded”

  1. # Blogger Han Ben

    hurt your hand>scrubbed too hard? my kolik "broke one finger" playing futsal...darn, if it happens to me...ughhh...take care of those fingers....  

  2. # Blogger Kamelia

    I love take home tests. And you're right, we do remember it all better, because you'd have to understand the material, and not MEMORIZE it.

    Mine is due tomorrow. :P  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    ben: thanks man. It's getting better. Hopefully it heals completely.

    kamelia: sorry I've been slack with replying msgs. All the best for your exam too. I guess it's out of our hands now. Hope that our hard work will pay off when we get our results.  

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