Swing in the park

Is it a party or what?

Would have been nice if they had seats just for two.

I spent a grand total of two dollars at Moomba and I concluded that the odds were too slim to win anything. Even if you did win a prize, you would have spent a fortune which amounts to more than what the prize is worth anyway.

Each booth had only 70 prizes to give out all day. In a 12 hour day, all they had to give away was 70 prizes? I’m no mathematician, but that didn’t sound like a good deal at all. No, I wasn't being a party pooper because I had heaps of fun anyway without giving away a fortune.

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  1. # Anonymous Cheah Jie Juan/Static Spike

    Hey Kevin. Nice posts there. Yeah, we know why bands like Silverchair don't get to come to Malaysia. Politics here is comment..but congrats you get to and watch them. I didn't know you love the Deftones. Me too. Well, cheers to you and Broken Scar. Rock on!  

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