I have a new found love. The love of a sweet sounding Rhodes piano. About a year ago I heard this song called "Found" on the Mighty To Save album by Hillsongs and I never really paid any attention to it. Whenever I heard the song, I'd go, "that is such a slow song" and my mind will just switch off. That was a year ago, when I knew nothing about the Rhodes and its distinct tone.

Over the course of my life as a musician, I've heard of the Rhodes and I've seen heaps of people play it live but somehow it never struck me as sounding any special.

Today, I revisit "Found" and I've completely fallen in love with the song for various reasons.

1. The beautiful sound of the Rhodes. I used to think that the tremolo sound would irritate me but that's the character of its tone that appeals to me now. The resonating low end and the sparkle of the higher notes just makes it sound so unique.

2. The simplicity of the song in terms of instrumentation. It's just one guy singing and playing the Rhodes.

3. The honesty through the song. It's so stripped down with such a slow tempo giving the song such a vibe that just captivates me.

4. This song is also very different from all the other Hillsongs stuff. It's not as noisy, recording wise mainly because it's just a voice and the Rhodes without the mess of a big ensemble. I never liked the idea of 6 backing vocalists, a choir and a sea of people singing the same melody line anyway. It just becomes a mess. The structure of this song is also pretty different. I like how it progresses very slowly.

5. All of the above aside, I found that I could connect with God through this song which matters the most to me.

I've been listening to this track on repeat for the past two days. Simply beautiful.

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