I respect this dude for having the balls to say what he wants to say without any censorship.

People are slowly waking up but how much can be done anyway? We can talk about the RM2.70 increased petrol price, the corruption, the incompetent government and everything under the sun all we want but it will be mere coffee shop talk. We can voice our opinions all we want but if they are not backed up by facts, they'd be pointless. Yes, people are ranting on their blogs more openly now and there's slightly more transparency, but is there true transparency, really?

There are all kinds of freedom fighters out there trying to be heroes. I respect all that and I'm not against their awesome work, but how much can be done, really?

Right now, I'm just happy mixing bands. Call it escapism but I'm not going to let all this get to me. In a way it's a negative thing for me because when I'm happy I tend not to write any music as I write best when I'm pissed off. Oh well, whatever.

Sometimes not having an opinion is an opinion good enough for me. One person can't stop the country from self destructing. Let them fight their wars, let them indulge in corruption and the dirty politics. As long as I don't do these dirty deeds, my conscience is clean and clear, as naive as that sounds. I'm happy.

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