Eleven O Nine

It's been freezing here the past few weeks and I think I caught a cold. You know how you get those irritating earaches and everything just seems a little off balance? I just hope it's not an ear infection of some sort. I guessed I've picked up all kinds of aches, headaches, body aches, the works. I sound like an old man already.

On the up side, the down-time has given me the opportunity to unwind and get on reading a nice book. I just started on a few pages of Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. So far so good!

After this phase passes, I've got to get my act together and start to realign myself and focus. I've put aside songwriting for a while as I've kept myself busy learning guitar parts for a whole bunch of praise and worship songs since I've started playing in the band at church not too long ago. It's good to do new things because it'll definitely give me a fresh perspective on things and spawn new ideas.

So yes, down-time is good and I shall enjoy it while it lasts. It's going to be a big weekend. Play in the band on Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening. In between the Sunday services, I've even got an acoustic slot to play some originals. I'm gonna need some strength.

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