It looks like it took me all Monday to recover from the weekend. The weekend stretched me to my limits but it was well worth every second of it. I played electric guitar with our praise and worship band at church for three services, one on Saturday evening, one on Sunday morning and another on Sunday evening. In total, I had to learn about fifteen songs for the weekend. On top of that, I played an eight song set at Destinos Cafe in between the Sunday morning and evening services. It was pretty intense running around, setting up gear, changing clothes and all but it was heaps of fun. It was such an awesome experience.

The best part was that I got the opportunity and privilege to serve God in this manner. I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of such a wonderful team, under such great leadership. I am hungry for more.

I don't think my words are going to be enough to describe the experience and how I felt about this whole experience. There was definitely a lot of love in the house and I stood in awe of His great presence.

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