The Wish List

Wish List Item #1: Fender Stratocaster Highway One

This is currently on the top of my wish list. Everyday I'd look at the picture and go, should I get it or should I not? Should I get it online from the states or should I just pick it up from the local music store? The price difference between buying it online from the states and from here is so huge. It's $750 USD online and $1600 AUD here. It doesn't make any sense! But man, this guitar just looks so beautiful and sounds so sweet. It blows my mind!

Wish List Item #2: Ibanez TS9. The second item on the wish list was the Ibanez Tube Screamer. My brother bought for me from the states already, so that has been fulfilled.

Wish List Item #3: Sennheiser e901 Kick Drum Mic

Wish List Item #4: Sennheiser e906 Guitar Cab Mic

Wish List Item #5: A Mac

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    Hi I've put my wish list using a web widget and embed onto my blog too. Check it out  

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