I was walking towards my apartment and I saw Minotour across the road. I decided to go in and have a browse since I haven't been there in a while anyway. I am still such a kid and I can go on being like this for as long as I want. I walked around and all the memories of childhood came flashing back. It was awesome. Memories, my favourite drug.

...and look what I found?
Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson

He's tiny, really.

I've always wanted a Bart toy. When the Simpsons movie came out, I was hoping the cinemas would be stoked with merchandise but it turned out to be quite disappointing. Then I turned to those arcade machines where you could pick toys up with a "claw". Failed at that too. At that time I went, "if only I could just buy it". This was my chance! It was the last one at the store. So what the heck, it was only $6 anyway. So, now I am a proud owner of an original Bart Simpson.


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  1. # Blogger @ldo

    i know how u feel man!

    you found your "x-wing".

    i always wanted one when i was younger watching the old star wars, and i had the same thoughts when the newer star wars came out, and lucky for me. they did release the old star wars toys, and now the x-wing sits nicely on top of my TV!

    hehe go bart!  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Yeah! That's the way la bro. I remember the x-wing on your tv cabinet! hehe.

    I'm happy to just live like a child, with child-like needs. Good thing Bart was cheap. Unfortunately, Transformers aren't so affordable. haha. I've been watching the Transformers series, post animated movie. haha. Damn geeky I know. LOL  

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