Live On Malaysia Hari Ini

I was backing up some pictures onto DVDs and I stumbled upon these pictures. It triggered some great memories and I realised I haven't made a post on it. So here's a very delayed one.

We were recording Alda's bass parts for Shooting Star and Until I Fall the night before and I think by the time I got home it was close to 3am. We had to be at the TV3 studios by 7am.

Alda getting his make-up done.

There was a lot of waiting around, so naturally, we entertained ourselves.

More waiting around, inside the studio this time.

We finally go live

Okay, stand by...

Performed Shooting Star live. It's a good thing I wore black instead of my usual red t-shirts because I would have blended into the backdrop. Haha.

A glimpse of the studio.

The interview was in conjunction of KLPAC's open day. We talked about the event and then I played Shooting Star live. Judging that we didn't get enough sleep and it was so early in the morning, I think we were still very coherent and we did great. The entire crew were very friendly making it a very chilled out experience. It was also freezing in the studio. Filming studios are always freezing, I guess to keep the gear from over-heating.
Fun times being on TV.

Thanks to Justin again for the awesome Taylor.
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2 Responses to “Live On Malaysia Hari Ini”

  1. # Anonymous Vincent Pang (AMP)

    yo congrat ! post the video at youtube ler.

    how have you been doing lately?  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Hey Vincent da man! I would post the video up but I actually don't have a copy of it. Haha. Gotta send someone to TV3 to collect it or something. haha.

    I've been good man, how bout you buddy?  

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