The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Sunday was simply amazing. Playing in the Sunday morning service to a thousand people in the church was simply mind blowing. It's one of the most rewarding experiences ever, serving God in this manner, in praise and worship. It wasn't restricting at all as I was rocking out without a care in the world. There was definitely freedom in the house!

Headed to Hog's Breath, a restaurant famous for their steaks after that. The time spent with my friends was golden but the food wasn't all that great. For a place that is famous for steaks, I reckon it was overpriced and overrated. The menu, interior decoration and the general feel of the restaurant is very much like a rip off of TGIF. This branch was in Chadstone though. I'm not sure if the other branches are better or maybe it was just the dish that I ordered that wasn't great.

Later that night, I went to Steak Out at Crown. Now that restaurant was fairly priced and the food was good. The service wasn't the best though but the food made up for it. I had a 25% discount voucher which made it a bargain. We had seafood and steak. By the end of the night I was full to the brim. I was a happy camper!

Monday saw me mixing at The HiFi Bar for the first time. I mixed three bands, Aural Window, whom I've become good friends with, GPKISM and headliners, Blood from Japan. It was the first time mixing all the bands in a gig in one night for me and it was pretty stressful yet I felt a sense of achievement. This definitely adds to my profile and resume. I have mixed at The HiFi and I've mixed a headliner from Japan. Somehow, the headliners that I've mixed tend to be international bands from the Asian region. The last international act I mixed was from China. Blood's ipod froze in the middle of their set and we had to improvise by playing their backing tracks off a CD. The show went on
and overall it was a great gig. Big thanks to Sheena and Aki for giving me this opportunity to mix this gig.

The line outside The HiFi

The line going all the way back there.

Here's a short clip of Blood's performance.

As I type this post, looking back at the weekend just puts a big smile on my face. Sunday was definitely the highlight. Loved every moment of it.

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