Sunny Queensland

This is definitely overdue. These pictures were taken during my recent trip to Brisbane. All in all, a good trip.

I've just always had a fascination aeroplanes be it the propeller ones or the jet bombers, it didn't matter. It's not that I know a great deal about them though. I just like the physical appearance.

Brisbane was true to it's reputation. It was bright and sunny, not as cold as Melbourne.

The information centre was smaller compared to the Melbourne one in Federation Square but it had this cool information touch screen projected onto the glass window.

The middle of the city reminded me a lot of the city centre in Perth.

The Regent Theater

I was told that the architecture in Brisbane is awesome and I guess that's true.

We've got a Southbank in Melbourne too...

A view of Southbank and the city in the background

Who would have imagined this is a man-made beach?

There's just something about this shot that makes it feel all so calm.

The City Hall

Inside the City Hall

It had this old skool elevator and I just had to take a shot of it

I'm not sure about the history behind this building, but I guess they've turned it into a concert hall? See the pipe organ?

The painting. This was right in front of the hotel I was staying in.

The real thing

The Botanical Gardens were also calming. There's a university around the corner and students often have to walk through the gardens to get to uni. I wouldn't mind walking through such awesome gardens to get to uni.

A closer look at the rainbow

Feel the calm?

I've always liked this type of shot. Maybe it's the idea of flying above the clouds that makes it awesome.

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  1. # Blogger Food Mafia

    Hi Kevin,

    Didn't know that you visited the Sunshine State till I read your latest post. Hope you find the place interesting in some ways. I was up there for 4 years, thinking of visiting the place in the next week or so. I'm taking some time off work.  

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