A Sore Presentation

I finally did my business plan presentation at school today. I rehearsed it for a bit because I know I’ll surely fumble if I were to wing it and go on the fly. I guess my brain just can’t work that quickly and I guess I don’t react to situations quick enough to save the day. Anyway, I remember Rob Thomas saying this in one of those Hot Minute things on radio years ago, “if you work and practice hard, you’ll know your shit. There’s no reason to be nervous if you know your shit”. Something along those lines.

In my case, even if I know my thing inside out, like my songs when I perform them live, I still get the jitters. Good jitters because I always believe that without those jitters, I would have become too complacent and comfortable. Up to a certain extent, I think that jitters equals passion. But Rob is right though, it is way better to know your thing inside out, than not knowing it at all because it shows and everyone can tell whether you are confident or not. Either that or if someone has a very good poker face, that’ll do too, I guess.

Anyway, so the presentation is over and I feel a little less stressed now although I still have tones of work to do, what more with the written business plan and my thesis coming up.

Somehow, playing and singing in front of an audience doesn’t seem as scary as standing in front of a class just talking non stop. As if doing presentations isn’t nerve wrecking enough for me, I went to the doctor yesterday, thinking that I had a bad case of sore throat but it turns out that I had Laryngitis. I won’t go into great detail what Laryngitis is but you can read all about it on wikipedia if you like. My doctor advised me to stay home, rest and don’t talk so that I won’t aggravate it, but I had no choice but to go for my presentations today.
To sum it all up, I think it went pretty well despite this potential draw back. I better get more marks for effort man!
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2 Responses to “A Sore Presentation”

  1. # Anonymous bianca

    hey kevin mevin,
    sorry our chat had to be cut short the other day. something came up and i had to go!
    how u feeling?  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    No worries Bianca, it's all good you busy woman. hehe. I'm feeling a little better but still struggling to get better. Which reminds me, I better take my medication before I forget. Will talk real soon.  

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