Indentity Crisis

Hi, my name is Reza Salleh! Since when did my name change to Reza Salleh or did Reza steal my face? Oh no...haha. All in good fun. I don't mind the publicity. haha. The picture above is from the gig guide at Groove Junction's website.
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3 Responses to “Indentity Crisis”

  1. # Anonymous bianca

    hahaha damn funny  

  2. # Anonymous reza


    i thought i was playing on the 27th.  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Bianca, I was like, ehhhhh? Since when am I supposed to play at Groove Junction? hahaha...

    Reza, hmmm...maybe you could confirm the date you're playing with the management..hehe

    How are thing btw way?  

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