My Sleep Update

Hey guys, thanks so much for all your concern, sending me very sweet and nice messages about my lack of sleep. Here's an update on the "neighbours" situation. After slipping them a note, things have improved. There's still music, but not as loud and it doesn't go on all night. Thank God.

I guess a gentle note is way better than harsh notes, which might have made things even worse. I've learnt a lot from things like these. It's a matter of choice. We could always choose between doing the right thing, which isn't always the easiest to do, or to do the opposite, which seems so easy at the moment when the temper and anger is raging. Doing the right thing, though it seems difficult is always the best solution.

It'll be frustrating though if you do the right thing and still get no cooperation. I just have to thank God that things are better now.

All I have to do now is focus on my assignment that I've been struggling with and hope that I manage to squeeze it out within the given time. I'll definitely post more about the whole business plan. The only question is when that is going to happen.

I've got heaps to say, since I haven't been blogging much these days. I shall find the time to do so, soon. I guess the posts these days are not so music related huh? Well, tell me about it. I wish I had more time to do more music related stuff. Okay, I've gone off tangent, blabbering already. I shall stop now and hope to type a few pages for my project.

Thanks again folks, for your kind words!

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