Up, Up & Away

Photo taken by Tam Tran

While we traveled along Great Ocean Road, we made a stop to visit The Otway Fly Tree Top Walk which is part of the Otway Ranges. I had visited a part of the Otway Ranges when I went to Great Ocean Road the first time and I remember the air was so fresh in the forest, it was almost like breathing oxygen straight out of a bottle.

The Tree Top Walk, reminded me of the FRIM canopy walk in Malaysia, just that it wasn't humid and there weren't any mosquitoes here. I guess the weather here is more comfortable for an activity like this, for me at least.

I knew I had a slight fear of heights but only in really tall concrete buildings. I remember going up to KL Tower and I freaked out. But on the other hand, when I went up to KLCC twin towers (the offices), I felt fine and based on my memory, FRIM wasn't too bad and this was pretty similar, according to the brochure. So I thought, what the heck. Let's just do this!

Guess what, this tower (in the photo) proved that I was indeed slightly afraid of heights. I felt light headed as a climbed up the stairs of this structure but the fear wasn't so bad that I couldn't do any of it at all. I made it all the way to the top and back down safely. There was also a part of the walk where the ramp was literally held up by two wires. It looked scary, but it was all a matter of the mind because it wasn't so bad when I got all the way out to the end of the ramp. I think it's a matter of having confidence that if it is all safe and nothing will happen to you, you'll be fine. So in the end, I looked my fear in the face and overcame it, although with that said, I'm not really sure I'd want to do the walk again. Haha!

P/S: In true Malaysia Boleh style, I tried to grab the link for the official FRIM website and as if it was a surprise, the website does not work. Classic.

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