Deville Update

I need to interrupt the road trip entries to tell this story. Click here for original Deville story.

I was in the mood to experiment with my new amp today to refine my tone further, so I got right into it, tweaking quite drastically to hear the drastic changes. However, all this while, I've been running my effects into the clean channel without really exploring the drive and more drive channels on the amp yet.

In my mind, most musos would buy an amp specifically for the overdrive/distortion sounds so I thought I'd give it a bash and see what I can come up with. After tweaking it a bit, I realised a few things.

1. It would have been nice if I had independent EQs for each channel, unlike the current where both channels share the EQ section. I thought about this before I bought the amp, and at the time, it didn't really bothered me.

2. I didn't really like the overdrive sounds when I set all the EQs to the 12 o'clock position. I tweaked it a bit more and found an okay sound. So I decided to turn the master volume up to get some tube saturation happening and all of a sudden, it started feeding back. So I rolled the master back down and gave it a few more tries but it was still feeding back. So, I started trouble shooting and tried different combinations. At last, I unplugged the input jack and footswitch to figure out whether the amp was feeding back by it self. It turns out, it was!

I jumped online and checked out the Fender forums and apparently this often happens to Fender Devilles. So I brought it down to the store and got a new one.

Now, getting a new one may seem like a cool idea but just by playing it for ten minutes, I already realised that it sounds different from the previous one I had. There were subtle differences, but obvious enough for me to detect them. Some reckon it's because Fender puts different tubes randomly into their amps depending on when they were produced. I guess I'll just have to keep playing it a bit more and bring it out on the road to be able to fully test it out.

To all my muso friends, I guess this is part and parcel of this journey isn't it?

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