Venus Bay

The weather forecast over the Easter long weekend was looking good and we decided to take full advantage of the sunshine so we headed out to Venus Bay to gather pippies. Pippies are saltwater clams and can be found usually in marinara mixes or Italian cooking, also know as vongole. To me, they are like over sized lala.

Jia Meei

Alda was in town for this too.

This was the first sighting of the Pipi. We knew we were getting close.

We got too excited and went digging in the sand for pippies that I didn't get a chance to take photos of the actual process of gathering these pippies. This was our catch. You'd need a fishing license to gather pippies and each person is allowed to gather 2 litres worth. We didn't go overboard. In fact, we respected the land and sea, and gathered less than our allocation.

We headed off to a public BBQ area to cook our fresh pippies. Yum!

Jia Meei cooking up a storm

Alda for sale. Any takers?

In Malaysia, we always tell people to "go and fly kite". Well, I sure did! Flying kites is one of the best feelings.

This photo looks like it fits a postcard. Welcome to Venus Bay, Victoria.

I wanted to jump into the sea all day but I didn't want to get all wet and ruin the rest of the day, so when the day was winding up, I jumped in. The water was freezing I could barely go any further.

This was a few days before my birthday and the guys decided to celebrate my birthday and surprise me with a cake made of pippies and a hot cross bun. haha! I had heaps of fun and every trip tends to just keep topping the other. I thank God each day that I have amazing friends whom I regard as family.


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