Great Ocean Road: Day One

The first time I went out to Great Ocean Road in 2005, it was miserably cold and half way through the sightseeing tour, it rained buckets. This time round, although it was a little cold and cloudy at the start, the sun came out to greet us towards the middle of the day. Thank God for awesome weather!

The first pit stop. Toilet break at the unmissable public toilet painted with aboriginal art. I can't believe that I actually took a picture of a public toilet and actually talking about it here, but it does look pretty iconic, no?

Looking out into the open sea. The view was inconceivably beautiful, serene and ultimately surreal. I was blown away by God's awesome creation, right before my eyes. I mean, it wasn't just the scenery captivating my eye, but there's just emotions swirling all around that I can't seem to contain. It was the most peaceful feeling. If only I could describe more accurately what was going on in my mind as I stood there looking out into the vast sea.

This lighthouse along the way really stood out. It stands majestic and it felt pretty iconic to me. I asked myself, how in the world did they manage to paint the roof red? Getting all the way up there to paint must be pretty daunting. Daunting would be an understatement actually.

Great Ocean Road would probably be one of the most touristy destinations in Victoria and if you take a drive down this way, you have to take photos at this arch. I feel that this is another Great Ocean Road icon.

...and how can you not have the classic fish and chips on a seaside road trip? The last few times we had fish and chips, we overdosed on chips, so this time around, we went with just fish and prawns! Perfect!

I think I don't have to say much here. The photos will do the talking for themselves.

I just can't help but to be in awe of God's awesome splendor. It was so cool to watch the orange explode into the blue and then finally drop into the sea.

Dogs seem to be attracted to me on road trips. I can't complain. I get to play with really cool dogs but I don't need to take care of em! Last but not least, after a whole day of soaking up the breathtaking scenery and sun, it was time for a feast, classic road trip style!

At the end of the day, although the sights were amazing, it was the company that made this trip memorable.

Click HERE for day two of the trip.

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