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Post Merdeka Eve gig at Gravity Bar, CQ. Playing at clubs has always given me mixed feelings. First it was at Zouk with the band back in KL (had a great time rocking out with the band and partying afterwards VIP style), then Evolution (which was pretty awesome) and now CQ. I had a great time last night but I think it reminded me very much of the Zouk gig and I was beginning to miss hanging out with the boys. Cheers to Allan! It was great catching up with you bro. big shout outs to Tim (and friends), Ken Wai, Daph and Ally. Ally, you missed the little live shout out! Cheers heaps to Lionel and Damien from the band, Nobody setting the pace for the night.

Waking up to a 7am start this morning was tough and to top it off, there was road closures in the city causing me to get to church late for recording. I was fuming and all I wanted to do was scream at someone but I just realised that I had to put everything aside as I didn't want to bring anger into the church. God is so good that he was able to turn a bad start to the day around and made the rest of it fantastic.

I played a set at Destinos Cafe in the arvo and it was brilliant. It was one of those shows that will satisfy one's thirst. Great response, great friends and heaps of high fives.

The rest of the day was spent with great friends all the way till dinner and ended perfectly with a huge Mexican dinner. I am full to the brim. Happy days!
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