Sydney: Day One

7th August 2008. Day One.

Avalon Airport, Melbourne. Time picture was taken from the window of the games room at Avalon airport, waiting to hop on that plane to Sydney. That was the plane that I boarded.

Sydney Domestic Airport. Look what kind of weather greeted us in Sydney.

Darling Harbour. It's a good thing the rain cleared later that evening. I was pretty excited to walk along Darling Harbour. It was freezing but there was a submarine docked right outside the Maritime Museum. As a kid, I've always wanted to see what a real sub was like. I wonder if the Museum actually gives you access on the sub.

There was also an old skool ship which I thought looked like a pirate ship from my imagination from reading Treasure Island.

Despite the rain and cold, there was an awesome sunset just providing a nice backdrop to Day One in Sydney.

It's funny how those buildings look as if they are fake, as if they were a huge backdrop of a stage set up.

The City. I thought this little shop was cute. Pie Face.

The Strand. This building reminded me of the Block Arcade in Melbourne. Awesome heritage.

A shot inside The Strand.

The Queen Victoria Building also reminded me of Melbourne's GPO.

Doesn't it?

There are more pictures from Day One but I thought I'd upload the highlights so that it doesn't clog up my blog's loading time.
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  1. # Blogger @ldo

    OH! u went for your honey moon edi!

    sydney is damn romantic isnt it?!?!

    darling harbour at night! maaan, i used to just sit at the docks with debz and enjoy the moment, with the lights and stuff. its really beautiful.

    hope u had a blast.  

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